Subliminal Programming in the public eye is a mixed batch of skeptical jokes, subversive attempts to control the masses, and sometimes quick fix attempts unbalanced personalities.

The latter is what this article is about, because over the years I've noticed that most of us have personalities and behavior patterns that are at least slightly out of sync.

When I first turned on a tape machine to attempt recording a subliminal tape in 1988, I had no idea my experiments into the subconscious would lead me to writing and publishing what you're reading here in 1999.

I didn't start out to run a business. My motive was very personal.

I knew I wanted to change things about myself on a deep level. I was drawn to many of the new lines of subliminal products that were available on the market at the time, but the large companies only addressed surface issues where they were sure they could sell the most titles. The smaller niche companies often didn't carry a wide range and were under experienced.
Since my background was in audio and language, and I had an interest in the potential of the subconscious mind, I decided to make my own subliminal recordings to see if they worked.
At first, they didn't work. But I was convinced there was a way to produce them correctly since it had already been done. While I sought other ways to address the changes I wanted to make in my personal life, often in vain, I continued to alter the scripting and production process for about a year.

The project started showing signs of success. Initially I'd intended to keep my forays into subliminal communications to myself or at least a chosen few who would share my enthusiasm. When the results reached a fever pitch in my own life I found that more and more I was unable to contain myself regarding this new secret tool I'd found. I wasn't prepared to learn that most people I mentioned the subject to were willing to try experimental versions of the programs I'd put together for myself. Again, the results amazed me.

But I still wasn't planning to sell the programming to anyone else. Whenever I thought of it, usually at the suggestion of someone else, I was quickly distracted back into the process of exploring other possibilities for the technology itself. I learned things that kept me at the same level of awe as a four year old at a parade. I started moving into areas that still won't be ready for public consumption for quite a while!

More importantly, I didn't stop at the audio portion of the technology. It became obvious that programs worked quicker on some of my test subjects than others. I started to see the holistic involvement of the whole person in subliminal programming for deep rooted change. My research into a score of different areas showed where certain herbs, exercises and other factors could increase the power of subliminal programming. Still skeptical about any placebo effects which might occur, I also ran blind tests on everyone who was willing and made careful note of the results. Test subjects were getting preferences for things they had been programmed for but were unaware of as far as the hidden scripts. I finally knew the messages were getting through and were having a profound effect on their lives.

I was still reluctant to involve myself in the effort it would take to do mass marketing campaigns and product production. The main point I needed to resolve was my own fear of holding the responsibility, even if only on an ethical level, for the results which may ensue. From a logical point of view, I had to admit that people may be needing what I had developed, but I was still unwilling somehow to take the chance. I guess it isn't too ironic that I solved this conflict using the technology on myself, and in 1994 I began running small classified ads for my catalog of subliminal titles.

The ads always broke even or a little better. I made plans to expand one day, and confined my public marketing activities at the tiniest of cottage industry scales while I kept working with new ideas and techniques.

In mid-1997, I decided to give the internet a try. InnerGear has grown at a steady pace since then, and since the fall of 1998 we've been filling orders for English speaking customers around the world. If my plans unfold as I hope, Spanish and Portuguese versions will be ready by the end of the summer for some titles.

I never thought I could surpass the excitement of seeing myself and my reality change according to my will until I started getting positive feedback from InnerGear clients about our product. And there is still the ongoing research into the future of subliminal communications which from this vantage point seems to be without a horizon or ceiling of any kind! As soon as I'm convinced of the safety and effectiveness of these amazing new directions in subliminal programming, I will make them available to you.

We appreciate the trust our clients have invested in us to assist them gaining a more complete control of their futures. It isn't a responsibility we approach lightly.

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C.W. O'Manion
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