You may have heard about omega 3 joint relief, but can fish oil really help with joint pain? With people reporting the benefits being as good, if not better, than over the counter pain relievers, it is worth researching this a bit. Learn about the benefits of fish oil and how it can relieve pain.

How Omega 3's Reduce Pain

The DHA fats in the fish oil are the ones that offer relief from inflammation. They do this because they are converted into a strong anti-inflammatory chemical called Resolvin D2. This substance significantly reduces inflammation. When this swelling is lowered, a couple of things happen. First, you are able to move around more. This increase in range of motion makes simple tasks easier. By moving more, you promote healing and circulation. The result is a reduction or total elimination of pain.

Why Choose Supplements?

There are some benefits and drawbacks to choosing omega 3's over prescription and over the counter pain relievers. One of the major benefits of fish oil is that there are little to no side effects. You will not feel sleepy, get an upset stomach, or even have to take additional medications to treat your side effects!

The few side effects, like a fishy aftertaste, can be avoided. Choose flavored fish oil to hide the taste. Another tip is to freeze it. This will not harm the health benefits, and it tends to eliminate the fishy taste. In addition to helping with joint pain, omega 3's also have other health benefits.

Essentially, these supplements offer pain relief and benefits like improved brain function, while prescriptions offer relief and side effects. A drawback to supplements is that they take longer to work. Most people do not experience the results until they have been taking them for a couple of weeks.

Who Should Take Omega-3 Fish Oils?

If your pain is not too severe, consider using this supplement before resorting to prescriptions or NSAID's. Always talk to a doctor first, and consider his or her opinion. If you suffer from severe pain, you may want to take omega-3's with your current medication. When selecting a supplement, be sure it contains DHA. Without it, you will not experience the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Omega 3 Joint Relief is Real

It's possible to have a reduction in pain with these supplements. There are positive and negative drawbacks to taking supplements instead of more conventional pain relieving medications. Talk to your doctor to help determine if they can benefit you. Be sure to use omega-3 supplements that contain DHA.

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