There's a place that my husband and I often go to hike. It is so magnificent! We are full of eagerness into running wild with no tensions and problems to worry just by the sound of its name. We somehow feel like creatures of the wild, roaming around this superb place, scurrying beside creeks that curves it way down through the infamous Wild Horse Canyon.

The pathways rather has a vertical drop, rocky and edged with mosses and all various living things. It takes about an hour to get to the top of a huge waterfall that empties into the canyon. The even steeper trail below the canyon is more complicated to pass through, however we still do this when the weather is dry. One day last year we decided to take a hike into the canyon on a beautiful spring morning. Our backpacks were full of many things, a camera, our lunch and other stuff.

At the start of the hiking path, I observed a stick was leaning up against one of the huge pine trees along the way. I thought to myself, what a neat and perfect walking stick, so I grabbed it on the way into the trail. It was my first time to assist myself with a walking stick and it just felt like using it at that time. We trekked near streams that were gushing with too much water due to the spring rain that had poured from days before. It was such a beautiful day. We had just about reached the bottom or as it were, the top of the waterfall. My partner went first and had gone across at the lowest portion of the small pool. If you have been hiking yourself, you'll know the first thing to remember - to watch before you step. I was careless though when I was about to get across. I had looked up and stepped on a rock and landed hard in the water. The sprain in my ankle was so severe that I could feel the ache piercing. I rested for a while and contemplated. Then, I realized we still had to climb back up. We recognized that our cell phones were useless because we were way below in the canyon, so there was no signal. Terrific. Since we had hiked there so many times, we knew of a short cut to the road. We started mounting up the ravine as soon as I assured my partner that I could carry myself to the road as he had to bring the car over. Besides, I had someone to thank for, somehow that stick was left for me. It never really occurred to me that what I was in a very tough predicament but because of that walking stick, I was able to make it through. To conclude what happened that day, I got an ankle that was seriously sprained that led me to use crutches for quite a few weeks.

Therefore, the number one rule for hiking safety is to look before you step. Constantly be on guard of your vicinity. First aid kit, water, snacks - these are important that you should have when going on a hike. Be sure that your hiking boots are durable that can protect your feet in case anything happens. I think that my boots saved my ankle from getting broken. Think it out many times before taking action. Even a simple fall due to a rock or a tree root, or loose dirt could be fatal if you end up rolling down the hill.

Snakes are commonly found at hiking places so if you don't want to step on some, always watch where your feet goes. Always hike with a buddy, take breaks to rest and pace yourself. Furthermore, resting lets you enjoy the wonderful view. If you are new to the hiking trail, stay on course, do not be so bold venturing out in the wild. If you had to take a leak or want some private time, you better let your hiking buddy know where you are off to. Do not jam-pack your bag with so many unnecessary items, take only what you need and some handy material that can be of use in case there's an emergency. Also, know if it's okay to be out with whatever climate you have at that time. If you think that rain will pour anytime soon, pack your light rain gear also.

Last but not the least, your handy dandy hiking stick!

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To be sure that you remain secure even when you're on the streets, it is critical for you personally to buy Handheld GPS units. At, you will discover a lot of Handheld GPS devices.