Whenever you plan to visit the city of Los Angeles as I recently did, you’ll usually plan your days visiting famous tourist destinations that you need to cross off the list. Being such a huge city, there arenumerous touristy spots that you can easily plan your visit around. Some of them include Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles Museum, Griffith Observatory and many more.

But what if you experience the celebrities club where you might bump in to your favorite celebrity. There is one special restaurant in LA where you may not only experience a visit of famous Hollywood celebrities but also find delicious food on the menu. Nick Haque's Koi restaurant is the place that I’m talking about.

This spot has become a famous place by many Hollywood celebrities along with the regular attendees to taste the delicious food that rivals its stylish setting. With the passage of time, the restaurant has really achieved a name for itself and fame among the audience. In 2003, Koi was marked as the best new restaurant. Apart from this, many other awards have been offered to this famous restaurant with Zen inspired deco and a superb menu under the direction of Haque.

It’s the unique ambiance of the dining area that has made it distinct from other rivals present in the market. Visiting this restaurant will make you feel a special presence that will help you experience the tastes, sights and sounds of an entirely new world. To bring uniqueness and charming interior, it has undergone extensive interior decorations along with the inclusion of Feng Sui,which brings a mental lift along with the food.

What Brings Peace in this restaurant?

Once you enter the restaurant, you will find an outdoor patio that will let you feel calm and peaceful. The lounge is decorated with two fireplaces and other accents that will give you the feeling of elegance. All around the dining area, there has been careful attention to detail, making the customer feel special.

Encompassed with the colors of earth, the design of this restaurant has been provided with in-depth details that build an amazing environment for the customer to enjoy their day in the restaurant. To maintain your privacy, the restaurant is also encompassed with a separate room where up to 25 private guests can be accommodated without affecting the standard visitors of the restaurant.

Even more, to make it the best place for the celebrities, there is a unique room with the attached patio where they can easily find rest. The facility of nearly 70 seats is made available in the restaurant which becomes the limit for 130 standing people within the restrooms. In short, Nick Haque and his team have made the restaurant a perfect example of the of architecture and taste, which follows suite with LA as a rich cultural hub for visitors of all types.

So if you are planning on visiting the city of Los Angeles, or you live anywhere near there, don’t forget to visit Koi restaurant. Not only will the food blow your mind, it would really make your day if you spot your favorite actor while enjoying the food!

Anyone else visited this restaurant? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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