Everyone breathes but unfortunately very few people breathe very well. That’s why Breathing Training is becoming more popular than yoga and meditation! And that’s why it’s the fastest growing trend in the fields of health and wellness, fitness and performance.

How we breathe matters. When we allow our breathing system to decline, we set ourselves up for every kind of illness and ailment. In fact, more than 100 diseases are caused, triggered, or exacerbated by unconscious, unhealthy breathing patterns.

Conscious Breathing is the most accessible method there is to prevent or remedy many of our most pressing health issues. Breathwork training is the most natural and direct way of healing a whole range of physical, emotional and psychological problems and challenges.

Breathing Training boosts lung volume and prevents the loss of respiratory capacity as we age. It helps improve posture and spinal health. Breathwork makes us more adaptable and resilient and it activates and supports the body’s natural self-healing powers.

Breathwork helps us to heal tension, pain, fear, depression and anxiety disorders when drugs and other traditional methods don’t work. It improves our moods, emotions, and sleep states. And it helps us to increase awareness, confidence, intuition, self-esteem, self-appreciation, and self-love.

Breathing Training supports heart health and boosts mental health. It allows us to hack into our immune system, our nervous system and our brain, to control problems like high blood pressure, inflammation, asthma, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, and long-standing addictions.

Conscious Breathing Techniques trigger the release of opioids (natural pain killers and anti-depressants), as well as dopamine and serotonin (“happy and calming” hormones—neurotransmitters of pleasure, motivation and memory). And it also reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

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Dan Brulé has studied and practiced breathwork with more than 80,000 people in over 40 countries since 1976. His travel and teaching schedule is posted at www.breathmastery.com.

Breath Mastery, Breathwork starts with simple daily exercises and routines that begin to unlock your body and minds ability to maximize energy, strength. Read more click here: Breathwork