Every year, on Mother’s Day, I write an article to emphasize the major and essential role that women play in sustaining the survival of the human race. However, this year, in the era of #Me too movement, I am compelled to focus on the women’s achievements during the last couple of years.

On Mother’s Day this year, Sunday, May 12th, women have the opportunity to celebrate their route to enlightenment.

First of all, they embarking on their journey toward getting rid of fear, shame and guilt that they felt for many years after falling victims to rape, sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior by powerful yet disgusting men.

Prior to the #Me Too Movement, they were led by society in general and their attackers in particular to believe that they were to blame for the humiliating experience they had to endure.

Secondly, the victims of rape, sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior discovered that they are not alone which provided them with the courage they needed to come out and talk about their horrible nightmares. That gave them the chance to come to terms with but not to forget the degrading experience that they went through.

Thirdly, sharing their dehumanizing episodes helped them to feel less-isolated. The #Me Too Movement among other organizations allowed victims the opportunity to air their horrible experiences which in turn created a feeling of belonging instead of suffering in isolation and silence for many years.

Fourthly, now women became certain that under no circumstances, they have to be subjected to inappropriate conduct from their bosses or coworkers. For decades, some victims had to grin and bear the disgusting behavior of their supervisors for fear of losing their jobs.

Lately, numerous organizations came out encouraging their employees to report any mistreatment or inappropriate behavior from a supervisor or a coworker regardless of his or her position in the management ladder of the company.

Fifthly, men were forced by exposing the latest sexual scandals to take a moment or two to examine and reflect on their behavior toward their female colleagues. For years, some men believed that their authoritative jobs gave them the right to mistreat and sexually objectify their female subordinates knowing in advance that they will get away with it.

No man in his right mind would dare to commit an inappropriate behavior toward a female colleague without suffering the horrendous consequences of being exposed and subsequently destroying his reputation and probably his life. He should be certain that his victim will have the courage to expose his despicable conduct.

Finally, companies, firms and employment organizations learned that turning a blind eye to the inappropriate behavior of some members of its management put them in the same category as those who commit the sexual crimes. They
must become accessible to listen and deal firmly and harshly with any employee who dares to cross the line of proper conduct.

Organizations should allocate sufficient funds to define and educate their employees about the proper conduct of the workplace. That may help to minimize the frequency of sexual crimes.

We dare to hope that one day in the near future, women would feel secure and safe in the societies in which they live where they will be treated as equals who deserve to be respected and admired for their intellect.

To sum it up, I would like to offer my best wishes of a Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere.

I must emphasize that the views expressed in this article are mine and a true reflection of my thoughts.

Author's Bio: 

Sava Hassan is a known author, poet and educator. He won several awards and published 3 books and numerous articles.