For ages spirituality has been much talked about subject everywhere throughout the world, everyone has been preaching as how one can realizes the Ultimate Truth in order to get dissolved into the divine bliss. But the world has not witnessed any meaningful change, maximum number of wars have been fought in the name of religion, there has not been any blissful transformation in anyone's life except in the life of a very few great masters. What is the reason? The whole world has followed the path of words without having the spirit of search and analysis while the great masters had followed the path of action with the untiring spirit of search and analysis without much bothering about the belief of the society in present and past, hence they could achieve the ultimate bliss, but the mass simply opted to remain at the periphery of spiritual exercise just listening the discourses and reading scripture without trying to go into its true meaning. To them listening discourses and reading scripture are not the ways to explore the truth, but these are just the way for them to earn 'Punya' (blessings). Hence the mass has remained groping in the dark. Unless and until one proceeds in a very scientific and rational manner forward, one is not likely to step into the essence of true spirituality.

Firstly one should have crystal clear understanding of the objective of spiritual search and should be equipped with the parameter to judge the result. And this parameter to judge the result of the whole spiritual exercise and search may be the divine bliss. If one realizes the bliss, the ecstasy from inside without any direct reason, if one feels that he has reached to the spirit of celebration, it means the path is right. If one simply gathers some more information and gets more serious, more burdened with ego in attitude and demeanor, it indicates only one thing that the path is wrong and elusive.
Now the question is how to step into the true spirituality, how to attain the ultimate bliss, the very objective of all spiritual seeking? For this one shall have to be the part of the vast existence because in this vast existence every object, everything like plants, trees, river, breeze, every particle is in the state of highest ecstasy except man. Because man has tried to isolate himself from this vast existence, he has tried to develop into a separate entity that is why he has got diverted from the stream of beatitude. So, if you want to attain the highest level of bliss, you will have to get dissolved into this vast existence. But, how before death? How has man evolved into a separate entity from this nature? How to go back to the origin before death? Man evolved into distinct entity from the nature because the mind has become the master, it has not remained merely an instrument of perception and analysis. It has possessed man, rather than man owing it and using it as a tool of rationalization. Man has descended from the status of master to merely a slave of mind. Man has got confined to its own trap. So, one and only one way of being the part of the vast existence in totality is to attain the capability of being in the state of total thoughtlessness in complete awareness. And that is the true objective of every right spiritual path and exercise.

If one is in the state of total awaking thoughtlessness, then only, one can be the part of this vast existence again, then only one can be back to its origin. And in this state only one can have crystal clear perception of that 'how blissful is everything in the nature'. In the state of total thoughtlessness only one can enter the kingdom of God. The true meeting with God is possible only when man gets dissolved into this vast existence. Death does the same. But before death also it is possible in the total awareness. Meditation is the key, it is the only solution of all spiritual search. In the traditional method of eastern meditation like Vipaasana and others, the stress has been given on observation, on being witness to everything, remaining detached and without being associated to anything by defining the experience into words or language. One should be just a 'DRASHTA' (Watcher). But as simple it is to explain, very difficult it is to attain as feasibility of an absolute 'DRASHTA' is very minimal. So one very scientific method may be through dance and music. But one needs to understand the golden rule. And the golden rule is - "If you are physically tired and exhausted, you will be also mentally tired. When you are very much physically tired and exhausted, to think something or to attain any idea which comes to your mind without any purpose is very tiring. So physical tiredness slows down your mental process, it curtails the useless flight of thought. So one very effective meditation technique may be you just dance as fast as you can continuously for at least forty-five minutes closing your eyes, and lie down for fifteen minutes and just watch yourself, watch your thought if any, watch your mind. You will be in the state of comparative thoughtlessness, then you can realize that you have become the part of this vast existence, you are back to the origin into total awareness. After dancing when you lie down with your eyes closed, you may feel that your jaw has become stiff, don't get afraid, just watch it. Second possibility is that you may fall asleep. Here you need to be careful. You will have to remain awaken. Though even if you fall asleep, that also will give you very blissful experience, but if you can remain aware watching yourself without trying to define the new experience in your words, just being an absolute 'DRASHTAA' an alert watcher than interpreter, that is the true meditation.

You will feel the bliss from inside without any reason. When this process is a little bit deeper, then only you can understand what is consciousness, love, religion, spirituality, what is God, otherwise these words have been used since ages by everybody, but only a very few people have been able to understand the true meaning. You can meet God in your total awareness. It is a very scientific process, you don't need to believe it, just try it. Anyone can try it, whether one be a Hindu, Muslim or a Christian. When the world of material facts does not discriminate people on the basis of caste, sex, religion, then how come it is possible that the divine truth of meta-physical world, the truth of ultimate consciousness what we call God can make that sort of discrimination?

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I am an author, artist, entrepreneur and spiritual scientist. I am a fundamental thinker. I do not accept anything as a fact just because the whole world considers it as a fact or truth. I do not condemn something just because it is condemned by the whole world. To realize the vast absolute truth, one has to be analytical and objective in approach because truth is always objective and universal. The path of belief can never lead to the realization of the absolute truth; only the path of scientific search can lead you to the truth. Search is a quite painful process, that’s why only a few people have been able to realize the truth. Secondly to realize truth one has to expand till the vastest possible domain of existence, then only the absolute truth can be realized in its totality. So unless and until one transcends to the vastest possible matrix of the existence we cannot realize the absolute truth. And this is possible only through super consciousness. Localized and deterministic consciousness can’t give the realization of the absolute truth. So one has to transcend one’s mind and pervade to the entire existence to realize the total truth. When one is established in Super- consciousness, the entire existence reveals its divine mystery. So I have worked a lot on Super- consciousness and through my books, though some are in fiction and in poetry format, I have tried my best to explain Super- consciousness. Following are the books authored by me:
1. A Date with God
2. In Love with All Beautiful Women
3. On the Wings of the Self
4. The Journey of Speaking Silence
5. Beyond the Beyond
6. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Universe
I have made more than hundred paintings on canvas in oil and acrylic to depict Super- consciousness. I am a Post Graduate in Management Science. After my education I started my advertising business and then established an IT Company. Apart from these, I am a Management Consultant. I give consultancy about business development, marketing and advertising, strategic sustained business expansion etc. Now I want to focus on my NGO “Divine Bliss foundation” through which a vast segment of society could be served.

Swami Aaron, MBA