Often, you feel pain in the body. It must be due to several reasons. It could be work stress, tension, lousy exercise, wrong sleeping side, consuming of unnecessary drugs, soccer pain, accidents, weak bones, etc. But most of you choose the same way to treat them, pain-killers, without knowing the side-effects. Often you consume them for a long time without knowing the power value because it certainly relieves you and you get addicted to them.But are they worthy for your health? Even doctors suggest not taking them as routine unless you are told to do so. Then how will you get rid of it if you face severe back pain? Is there any other option you have? Or have you taken this medicine life as your final choice?

Pain relief centre: Classification of pain

There are two reasons for back pain. One can be chronic, and another can be certain. For both of them, pain-killers can be consumed. But how would you know which type you want or how much power you need? It kills you from inside if taken as drug addiction. It can give you a severe Liver or Kidney failure. And there are lots of other physical malfunctions that can be happened due to the over-consuming of pain-killers. The matter of debate is which kind is perfect for your back pain? In one word, nothing except long-term pain relief treatment.

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Conclusion: Which one to avoid, blue or red

It all depends on the nature of the pain syndrome and on the cause that caused it. For pains of moderate and more severe intensity, you should resort to more potent drugs. For upper or lower back pain, it is usually recommended to take either classic non-opioid analgesics — paracetamol, metamizole or some of the NSAIDs — aspirin or ibuprofen

 In the case of muscular, skeletal, articular pains, the doctor is likely to prefer NSAIDs, but there may be many options. There are no such things as blue or red. The main thing is that anyhow you must not be dependent on pain-killers. Analgesics are divided into opioid and non-opioid. Opioid analgesics are sold only by prescription, but some of the non-opioids can be bought freely.

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