People are people all over the world. Success is overrated in most instances after all, what standards do we use fro measurement of success yours, mine' or countless other philosophies? Who's right, who's wrong or could it be that it takes a combination of all of the above to create global and cosmic balance throughout this plain of existence we interpret as reality?
There's only one space although it could be infinite it would still only be one! It follows to reason that everything embodied in this infinite space is of this space even though the space itself offers appearances of multiple differences and yes the spice of "variety" as do our dreams Our own personal dreams are actually dreamed by one dreamer at a time or so it seems. What if the people we dream in our dreams dream their dreams as well? Well that may be getting a little deep in abstraction, but then whoever or whatever originated this view of what we commitedly refer to as existence was without a doubt abstract in nature, or how would you have done it if at all possible?
The fact that it is the way it appears to be not just for one, but for all speaks something of the fact that we just may be the product of one universal mind and as such microcosms of creation sending out the same energy that makes possible our own knowledge of existence. Are there really so many thoughts and dreams or is it only one infinite pulsing interactive action that results in the image of diversity?
Either way it's all we have in essence and everything generated from that is temporary and only leased at best. You can't own it because you can't buy it and there are no deeds or titles to give us exclusive use so it must be universal in nature! If that is the case "Hail to the dreamer" and "Cheers to the dreams" and the good news "Jesus" spoke about comes with no price tag affixed but remains the richest of all shared possessions that binds us under (creation)/(heaven)as "Many of One"!
Leo Bowers

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Leo Bowers (Leonard W. Bowers Jr. ) is a multi instrumental musician, writer, performer doing what it is people like hem do to reach out to others. "Sharing philosophical views and inviting others to join in with an open ear is a valuable exchange in this life without it we'd truly be stuck in self absorbing endeavors equating to loneliness and there would be no new songs to ponder, write or perform because the missing elements embodied in the views of others would be absent of providing inspiration".