Launching an innovative automotive business that creates ripples throughout the entire industry is not a walk in the park. Co-owners of RW Carbon, Eric, and Matt, can vouch for that. Their conjoined devotion to cars and car modifications, entrepreneurial mindset, and vision to strengthen the aftermarket styling industry led to establishing RW Carbon back in 2013. The premium source for all carbon fiber exterior and interior parts and accessories, RW Carbon specializes in Euro applications with a primary focus on BMW, Audi, Tesla, Mercedes, and Ferrari. 

Famous for impeccable customer service, the company manufactures, sells, and installs carbon fiber aero pieces worldwide. RW Carbon maintains a razor-sharp focus on carbon fiber, FRP products, and a careful selection of manufacturers. As far as carbon fiber is concerned, not only is it five times stronger and stiffer than steel but also impossibly lightweight. In fact, it is the ideal manufacturing material for many auto parts. These features allow carbon fiber aero parts provided by RW Carbon to add aerodynamic characteristics to your vehicle! The unique stance of only dabbling in carbon fiber products has allowed RW Carbon to hone its production methods and tolerances, producing the best quality and fitting parts. With over 20 years of experience in the aftermarket community, the professionals at RW Carbon will guide and answer all your queries. The company’s quality control and expertise in handling and installing these products will guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, which is RW Carbon’s number 1 goal. 

In 2013, when RW Carbon came into being, purchasing carbon fibers was a gamble. Not only that, but the auto industry as a whole was headed towards cutting greater profit margins and declining quality. Eric and Matt worked intensively to achieve their dream of changing this approach, allowing customers to hand pick the best parts available. What made their dream take-off was the company’s unique service of providing installation on every single item they sell. Most of RW Carbon’s rivals struggle with quality consistency and have no experience working with the products they sell. They drop ship parts from Asia and do not install them. Meanwhile, RW Carbon has formed a trust with their customer base by shipping from their facility in Anaheim, California, offering local pickup and installation. They stock thousands of items, and before shipping, each item is quality-checked by professionals. The company even has an in-house media team producing unmatched content in their field. 

A leading brand in the industry now, RW Carbon started in a 400 sq. ft. attic in Pomona, CA, almost a decade ago. At the time, Eric and Matt were college students struggling with schoolwork and part-time jobs. Today, they have a large factory overseas and a 5500 sq. ft. facility in Anaheim, CA. Their company adapts to market changes swiftly and is, in fact, a master of customer support, product knowledge, quality products, and top-rated websites. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in its niche, and according to the two co-owners, all this was possible because of their vision behind RW Carbon which is to improve the aftermarket industry. What is remarkable is that they have successfully managed to stick to it. Everyone at the company has one common interest, and that is cars. After work, you will find the bunch working on their cars, doing laps on their favorite cars, attending car shows, or just driving on their favorite canyon roads. Such intimate and extensive attention to cars allows the team to understand and appreciate the special care each car demands and go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. 

The company’s efficient strategy of “one goal – one focus” has enabled them to become experts in Carbon Fiber Aero Parts and Accessories. They don’t only focus on providing industry-leading customer service and the highest quality products but also on educating all potential customers about product/car knowledge. They believe this is the best way to develop trust and respect with their target demographic. 

Despite being in the industry for nine years, the founders of RW Carbon have almost 15 years of grueling experience handling cars and car parts. Moreover, they have been installing items on vehicles for over six years every day and know the entire process. They work closely with their suppliers to bring forward the best version of every product. Their entire team of professionals handles installations, order fulfillment, SEO optimization, media, marketing, and product development in-house. The discipline and drive have taken RW Carbon to new heights; the company has been featured on multiple world-famous BMW blogs and Bimmerpost several times and remains top-rated across all online platforms, including Yelp, Google, and Facebook, etc. 

The journey to greatness is never an easy one. Eric and Matt weathered hard years since their company’s inception. From lawsuits with competing businesses to customer fraud, supply chain issues, and much more, they have seen it all. However, they didn’t let anything come in their way of building a factory that produced both the required quantity and quality. The only constant in their entire journey was their mindset, which was to persevere and focus on their shared vision. Of course, there were good days as well as bad days, but not a day went by when they didn’t want to come to work; that is what kept the company going. Thus, even when work threw curve balls their way, the co-owners learned to juggle many issues and always sat down to solve the problem. Some mistakes cost them money, while some earned them money. Still, they don’t regret anything because every step they took was a step closer to the success of RW Carbon. 

Currently, their team is pushing the envelope in marketing, product design/quality, customer care, and more. In the future, they aim to expand their product line into more car makers as well as a new product line altogether. They also admit that the demand for the parts has risen dramatically over the past few years, and their factory is having issues keeping up with that. But they are looking into the matter, which will be resolved soon. 

While Eric and Matt are dedicated to their craft and RW Carbon, they are also outgoing and active personalities. Traveling, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends are just some of their ideas to have fun. Unsurprisingly, car meets and mingling with the automotive community is one of their favorite social activities. As successful and experienced entrepreneurs, they have many lessons to share, and one of them is to use your time wisely, as it is the key to success. It’s always best to expect the unexpected, overestimate and plan. Anything can happen, so staying focused is your best bet. It is evident that Eric and Matt are very passionate about cars and what they do. Thanks to their relentless efforts, today, car enthusiasts can purchase high-quality, in-stock, great-fitting carbon fiber products, backed by industry-leading customer service. As they say at RW Carbon ‘your needs come above all else’.


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