Pillars of Success
Action, right direction and creation are the drivers underpinning many of the entrepreneurial success stories. For Rehan Allahwalla and Muhammad Nasurallah, vision, passion, garnering experience and service have been the main supports of their entrepreneurial adventures.

Hitting the mark
Despite being armed with all the enthusiasm in the world, some entrepreneurs, however, miss the mark. Pringit.com founder Muhammad Nasrullah has seen many start-ups stall because entrepreneurs attempt to do too much, creating too many ventures and in the process losing focus and their way.

Fingers in Every Pie
Rehan Allahwalla begs to differ with the bold statement: “Everything is an experience. There is no such thing as failure.” Charging full-steam ahead with business creation upon business creation, from small to big, from traditional to cutting edge, Rehan Allahwalla is the founder of more than 50 businesses so far and with more in the pipeline.

Successful entrepreneurship
Super success is defined by pointing to numbers – the millions and billions of users and the millions and billions of dollar potential and actuality. But an equally valid definition of successful entrepreneur is someone who earns as much or more than he/she would as an employee. Both Muhammad Nasrullah and Rehan Allahwalla surpass by millions this more humbler definition of success.

Self Inspiration
Rehan Allahwalla buys into all entrepreneurship models – mini to mega, micro to macro. His core business is profitable, dynamic and cutting edge – IT, software solutions and selling phone numbers worldwide.

Hitting Hard
Rehan Allahwalla admits not all his start-ups are cash cows but he's in areas he feels he should be in. He is driven by the quest of finding projects with high mass impact.

Noble Transformation
Rehan Allahwalla looks for and is inspired by initiatives that will change the way things are done. He wants to be a beacon of hope for the poor: “I want people to have hope and to become whatever they would like to become. I would like to see more people being able to help themselves.” This is why he runs enterprises that do not make money: “I am involved in projects I feel need to be done such as HealthManagementSystem.net and SchoolManagementSystem.net."

In the Beginning
Boredom is what got Rehan Allahwalla started at the age of 13. There was no pocket money or television in his Karachi home, so he decided to spend afternoons (about three hours) after school developing Pakistan Computers selling computer games. “You don’t have to incorporate to start a business in Pakistan. I didn’t incorporate. That’s a great advantage.” By the age of 16 he had created commodore computer accessories including Voice Digitizers, modems, Speed Increasers.

Scientific Spark
In their formative years, these Asian entrepreneurs displayed inventive flair in science competitions. When still at school Rehan Allahwalla topped a science competition while Muhammad Nasrullah came second in a Young Scientist contest.

The World is Our Oyster
Muhammad Nasrullah and Rehan Allahwalla have made their mark and built business thanks to the Internet. “We can do things at a lower price such as for a few cents per unit when we do it on a mass global basis,” reveals Rehan Allahwalla.

Entrepreneurial Architect
Rehan Allahwala is well known in Asia in the fields of VOIP, ERP Systems, CRM Systems Architecture and VOIP Network Design.

He founded SuperTec Foundation with the mission to eradicate poverty and is working on creating processes to help develop one million new businesses by 2014, each starting with only 100 dollars and generating at least 300 dollars a month.

He is founder of:
DIDx.net, Virtual Phone Line, Super Phone, Muntwo Video Productions, Techistan Magazine, Tv Pakistan, Paki.com, IP PABX, Health Management System, School Management System, Building Management System and Rehan Autos.

Pring It
Muhammad Nasrullah is the founder and CTO of Pakistan’s biggest social network Pring – pringit.com. Currently over 12 million text messages are generated daily on pringit.com. Pring is a product of e-Business (Pvt) Ltd. http://www.ebusiness-pg.com/

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