When choosing a waterproofing sealer for a building repair, it can be hard to know which product specifically to select. You need something that's reliable in its waterproofing qualities, durable, long-lasting and easy to apply: after all, when you're working on a commercial or domestic build, it's essential that you have high-quality materials to hand. Let's explore waterproof sealer more before delving into why Catcus has one of the best waterproof coating products on the market.

What is waterproofing sealer used for?

You might also know it as waterproof paint or waterproof coating, but it all does the same thing: help protect your roof, guttering or other surface from rain. Applied with a standard paint roller, its application is simple and quick, providing an even coating to commercial builds including balcony constructions; car parks; metal-clad profiled roofs; walkways and both pitched and flat roofs.

What should you look for in a waterproofing sealer?

Ideally, you want a waterproof roof paint that is fully bonded. This means that it'll be hardy in adverse weather and is particularly important when you have hard-to-reach areas, notably on older buildings where a thorough sealer application is essential to its continuing longevity. A fully bonded waterproof coating ideally needs to be made from waterproofing resins that are PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) based, which cures quickly to provide a watertight surface. When this is combined with a further level of protection, such as a tough fleece reinforcement layer, the strength of the sealant is only increased, providing a waterproofing system that'll keep the building dry through all weather conditions and all seasons.

You also need your waterproof paint to be resistant to UV rays and pooling water, as many waterproofing sealers degrade more quickly in hotter climes (cracking) or cooler temperatures (where, here in the UK, rain is more likely). If your chosen waterproof coating is also crack bridging, its versatility is a particularly valuable quality for commercial businesses, as emergency waterproofing repairs can be carried out quickly.

Catcus's PMMA-Based Waterproofing Coating is the best for your business

At Cactus, we've created a liquid rubber waterproof sealant that we believe is one of the best in the industry. Made from PMMA, it's designed to react fast upon application - being hard dry to the touch in as little as one hour - meaning work on-site can continue as quickly as possible. Thanks to its 2-coating system (the first being PMMA, the second that tough fleece reinforcement we discussed), it's second-to-none as a sealant that will protect most buildings from damage for seasons to come. Its flexibility and easy application mean that it'll comfortably bond to most surfaces, including metal cladding, and reinforce any existing waterproofing elements of a build.

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Cactus's industrial liquid rubber waterproof sealant is one of the best in the industry for good reason: it works, and will keep working well, no matter the weather conditions! For more information, contact the team at Cactus today - we'd love to find out how our roofing sealant could help your project.