Is it only the job of adults to pray? Well, though it is not any specific work for anybody specifically, but it is one of the activities performed by everybody in the world. It is also called to be a valuable activity that one can teach to the children. Although, it is one of the hard jobs to teach how to pray to the children as they are pretty whim-sickle minded and most of the times fail to concentrate in anything. At the same time the habit of prayer is not something that must have to be taught because it develops when the children see their parents or adults praying every day.

This specific habit is mostly takes shape in the childhood period and lasts all through the life. When it comes to teach them the ways of prayer, it becomes quite difficult. The small children can be taught the basic of prayer such as closing their eyes, bowing their heads a bit, joining their palms and speaking to the God using simple phrases that they can remember. Adults teach rhymes to kids, and those rhymes also consist of prayers. The rhymes are written in such a way that they does not sound like prayer, but this way children are motivated to pray to God. It is not necessary for the parents to wait for their children to attain the age of five year and above.

In fact, they can start teaching prayer to the toddlers from the age of two. It is also a fact that children have the tendency to imitate their parents or any adult of the family. Therefore, without putting much effort, parents should make it a routine to pray in some particular time, so that their children can learn the same seeing them. Some tips can help you to inculcate the habit of praying in a child. So, here you go:

1. Ask your children to sit alongside and join the family prayer,

2. Kids normally copy what they see their parents to do, so it is beneficial both for the parents and their kids if they practice their prayer in front of their kids,

3. Parents also should not stretch the practice of prayer for too long because it makes the kids feel bored as they are fickle minded and cannot keep their patience for long,

4. Always remind your kids that God is listening to their prayers, so they should thank him for everything that he has bestowed on them,

5. Parents also should not pressurize their children if they refuse the practice to do every day, because kids’ moods swing easily and “every day is not a same day” is mostly applicable for them,

6. Parents should also tell them stories giving them examples of any person whose prayer was once heard by God and he fulfilled the person’s wishes because he did it with an honest heart.

Teaching children something is not any Hercules task, but one has to know the trick to teach them. When it comes to teaching your own, it becomes much easier.

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