It’s natural to experience challenges as you move closer to realizing your goal. That’s part of life. Don’t be discouraged. Keep moving forward on your path. Use every opportunity to learn and grow. Wherever there is growth, there is personal power.

When you encounter challenges along your path, remember that you have the power of choice. You can choose weakness and allow the world out there to control you and diminish your life-force. Or, you can choose strength, learn the lessons that present themselves and keep moving forward.

Use the power of your will to help you to keep moving forward.

The will is the power-control in our minds. It’s a force which holds your thought in a given direction until you accomplish the result you want. The results of using a strong will can be amazing.

Will is not a thought or a wish. It is a force that makes you succeed when your thoughts tell you otherwise. Will is something we can use when, for instance, we want to accomplish a goal, but our logical mind tells us it is not likely or possible. Will power is a kind of control we have over ourselves. It’s inner power.

With a properly trained will, you can focus on a thought and hold it until it has finished its work. When you have strong will power, you’ll be able to stay focused on any idea or goal until you accomplish what you willed.

You need to have a strong will to achieve what you deeply desire.

If you have a weak will, you make it much harder on yourself to achieve the results you want. Let’s say you have a goal to finish a business project but you get distracted and don’t focus on your goal or you procrastinate working on the project. This is an example of a weak will. You know your thoughts should be kept on your business project but your will power is too weak.

What can you do if you have weak will power?

You can build up your will through practice, and you can choose to use your will power.

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Use the power of your will to help you to keep moving forward on your path. Only you can create the future you want. No one will do it for you.

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