I haven’t met a woman yet who didn’t want her husband to adore her. 

I include myself!  Most of us want our husbands to be our provider and protector, to be sweet and tender to us and to treat us as though we are irresistible…that out of all the women in the world, we are THE ONE!

We want passion and excitement in our lovemaking!  We want romance in our relationship!  We want our toes to curl up again when our man kisses us!

We as women have the power to create all the romance and passion that we crave and desire.  We can learn to use our femininity, our natural charm and the “practical magic of romance™” to get what we want. We can learn to receive from our husband first, and then give back.

How do we do that?

Here is one simple secret you must know to get your husband to want to be more romantic and passionate!

Your words matter when you are making love!

 In lovemaking a man’s most sensitive organ is not what you think!  His most sensitive organ is his ears.   He loves it when you respond to his skills as a lover with your words!  Tell him when he does something that pleases you or feels good to you.  “That feels so good!” “I like it when you kiss me slowly!”  “Don’t stop!”  When your man can tell that something he is doing is causing you pleasure, he will move closer to you emotionally, feel more connected to you and be more romantic. 

Sex is important to a man.  It’s physical, yes. But sex is also a place where he can be vulnerable to you, the woman that he chose, and let his guard down and his feelings out.  Men don’t tend to gush feelings like women do, but during sex, he feels connected to you.  That’s why so many men say, “I love you” right after making love.  Men need sex to feel connected (and women need to feel connected to want to have sex)!

A caution though…

“Don’t do that,”  “I don’t like that,”  “Do it like this,” said during making love are words that feel like criticism to your man.   Criticism during lovemaking is a sure fire passion killer!  If you want to tell him something that you don’t like, don’t love or want more or less of, a better time to say so would be outside of the bedroom. Not during the act of making love.
Making love is how a man speaks his heart.

But what if you are kind of shy about using words and telling him?

Use sounds.  A soft moan or a gentle sigh signal to your husband that you are loving what he is doing!

Don’t hold back when he does something that you like or love or feels good!  Don’t expect him to read your mind or just know that he is pleasing you.  Don’t over think things either.  Just feel and be willing to give of yourself more and respond to him!  Let him know what makes you feel sexy and adored!

If you don’t criticize or complain when you don’t like what he does during lovemaking and you respond to what you do like, your husband will become more attentive to you…and not just in the bedroom!  When he knows and trusts that he definitely understands the things that give you pleasure, knows what you like, he will be more confident in himself and more romantic to you.

The knowledge that he can give you pleasure is a gift for him and for you!  So choose words that feel good to his most sensitive organ.  And use your femininity to get his attention!

Author's Bio: 

Known for blending her gracious and gentle style of teaching with her intuition and knowledge of relationships, romance and the energy of romance Emily creates simple and fun ways for you to have the romance and passion you so deeply crave. She is the creator of The Romance Principles™, an author, Relationship Coach and a Master Law of Attraction Coach and the new host of "The Married With Romance™ Radio Show" on www.VoiceAmerica.com. Please visit her website at www.marriedwithromance.com.