If you’ve been dumped, then you no doubt know the sting of rejection only too well. It’s enough to make you really want to save your relationship and make things right with your ex. But how can you do that if your ex won’t even pay any attention to you at all.

Here is a little secret on how to get your ex to miss you.

The first thing you have to realize is that your ex is never going to miss you as long as you are constantly trying to reach out and get them to notice you. This is a bit counter-intuitive, but you’re only going make this work by actually pulling away from them for a while.

If you think about it this is exactly what they want anyway. For one reason or another they want space away from the relationship for now, and backing off for a while will give them what they want. But it will also make them live with the consequences of their decision to leave.

This is where they will actually start to miss you. Once you’re not around in their life anymore, they will really feel the weight of their choice to break up with you. They’ll start to remember the good memories with you and they’ll second guess the choice.

So the way to get your ex to miss you is to completely pull away from them. This, of course, is a lot harder said than done. I know what it is like to miss your ex yourself, and it is going to be difficult to fight the temptation to reach out and check in on them.

But you have to stick with it. You see, just as you are fighting the feelings to contact your ex, they are also fighting similar feelings to contact you. If you cave in first and make contact, then you’ll completely destroy all the work you’ve put in getting them to miss you in the first place.

So, simply stand back and have faith that it is working. It might take a week or maybe even as long as a month, but your ex will contact you sooner or later. It can be a little frightening to just let go and trust that your ex won’t just drift away, but this always works.

In the meantime it is best to keep your mind on other things by focusing on yourself. Do things to take your life in a positive direction and improve yourself. Not only is this good for you anyway, but it will give you something interesting to talk to your ex about when the two of you do get back in touch with each other.

So to recap, you just need to pull back from your ex and trust that your absence will have a deep and real impact on them. It will make them miss you like crazy and after a while they will reach out to contact you. Keep yourself focused on other things during this time so you’re less tempted to contact them. Then when the two of you do get back in touch, you’ll have something to talk about too.

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