The old-fashioned door-to-door marketing isn’t dead just yet. Even in the era of advanced digital marketing with all its superior features, the old-fashioned way still proven to be effective when done with the right strategy. Business organizations focusing on the local area as their targeted market will get huge advantages using the direct advertising strategies to reach prospective customers. It can be more effective with EDDM® program.

EDDM® is short from Every Door Direct Mail, a targeted advertising technique offering by US Postal Service for businesses and enterprises looking for affordable yet effective advertising strategy. Using this program, the advertiser will no longer need to have a database of the targeted market. Simply use EDDM® to map your which area is a more prospective market and US Postal Service will deliver your advertising materials to every door on the route of your preferred postal code. This can be a game changer for your business operation and this program is actually proven with many enterprises able to increase their business using this program.

While you are preparing to use EDDM® for your marketing project, be sure to also prepare an attractive and engaging advertising material. Whether it is brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, or other materials. How you can present the information about your business and products and deliver the right message through the advertising materials have a crucial role on how successful the marketing project will be. Not only the design must be the exception, the printing quality is also required to be superb. You will be surprised that cheap printing services by will be the best solution for your EDDM® materials need.

There are many printing services out there and some of them are even offering specific EDDM® printing services but we have a huge confidence that 55prints can deliver a better solution at better value for your money. This printing service provider is offering all-in-one EDDM® printing solutions. You can utilize this online service to prepare the right EDDM® advertising materials. You can use design templates for various products available on the website. This printing provider also offers free design proof by its team of professional graphic designers.

The first impression lasts forever.55prints knows it very well. Thanks to its state-of-the-art printing technology, the printing results will be high definition and superb color tone. Not only printing the materials, this provider will also handle everything to meet EDDM® program by US Postal Service. That’s covering bundling and packaging materials, filing paperwork, loading and delivering to post office. It means with a single click, you can get your EDDM® advertising campaign completed. No wonder, 55prints is the best choice for EDDM® printing.

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