One creative breakthrough can make a giant difference in your ability to contribute, and in your ability to receive the rewards that come with contribution. I'd like to give you a personal example from my own life and affairs. Again, this is metaphorical for you in your own career.

If you're a regular listener to the audio articles these print articles are based on, a series that we call the Sub 4Minute Extra Mile, you'll notice that there's a lot of background noise and that they come to you from different places. And sometimes you heard the wind, traffic, people passing by.

Usually, these articles consist of one point, driven home, explained so that you can benefit by it. One message per day—that's the whole idea.

But you know, I tried to work with this idea for a year, when I was thinking studio. I've spent most of my career doing recordings in the studio, because you can control the environment. You've probably heard my audio program of The NEW Think and Grow Rich. I know you've heard a lot of other interviews I've done, and you've probably seen some of my videos.

The thing with the Sub 4Minute Extra Mile was that when it was studio time, I'd come up with all these excuses. "Well, I gotta have my script ready," and "I've got to be prepared," and "I've got to be at the top of my game." And you do have to be where the studio is, where you've got your equipment.

Then I had one creative idea! I thought, "Wait a minute, I can get a high-quality, hand-held digital voice recorder!" So I got a small one—by the way, I think it's called SpyTech, and I do recommend it. It's from Thomas Publications, in case you're interested.

But all of a sudden, when I chucked away the idea that production had to be perfect and it was content that was important, I saw that I was denying people my message. Because of my own have to, how to, I was not able to do the what that could benefit them. One creative idea—"Wait a minute, it doesn't have to be perfect!"

In fact, maybe I'll just feature the fact that a good number of these articles will be done on site, and now my ability to contribute is much more fun. And many of the articles come about with inspiration from the moment, from the place, with the sounds of the place.

Now, not all of them, of course. We still go in the studio, and we still do a lot of places, a lot of other things. But if you were to listen to the audio message this article derives from, you could probably hear a bus behind me at this point, and people passing by.

One creative idea can revolutionize your life, your affairs, your business, your ability to contribute, and the consequent rewards you can receive.

Does it have to be perfect? Well, let me ask you this—what is the perfect day for you? I know that the day is perfect for me if it's snowing, if it's sleeting, if it's hot, if it's day, if it's night, if it's windy. In other words, they're all perfect.

One creative idea can change the dimensions that you're working in, and you can contribute more and receive more.

The door is closed on that one!

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