Often the biggest obstacle to creating wealth is somewhat of a hidden obstacle. At a more advanced level it may be necessary to work with self-sabotage created by the unconscious mind. However, there’s a relatively simple way to begin eradicating poverty consciousness forever by paying careful and disciplined attention to our conscious manner of speaking.

This requires us to pay attention to the words we speak, notice when and what we’re saying, and pay a penalty for utterances that are not aligned with a wealthy mindset. It’s a simple technique and requires only the most minimal preparation.

You’ll be using a money levy or fine as a penalty, and will be accumulating these fines, so it helps to be prepared in advance for how you plan to use the accumulated dollars. This can be a contribution to your own wealth account, or if you prefer you can utilize a ‘double deterrent’ system—meaning it’s more of a deterrent if you don’t end up benefiting from the accumulated fines. In the latter case you can ‘sacrifice’ the accumulated fines to a cause you would prefer not to see advanced!

Next choose bills, coins to stand in for bills, or just coins, whatever is a stretch for you, and put aside a stash of these to serve as fines. You’re going to need a lot, and the idea is to replenish the stash from time to time so that you don’t cheat on this exercise. Use a see-through glass jar to collect the cash contributions & deposit these every time you make a declaration of your poverty, either out loud or when the inner voice declares.

You will hear yourself say things like, “it’s too expensive”, “I can’t afford it”, “it’s not worth it”, “that’s a ridiculous price”, “I don’t have enough”, “I don’t have what I need”, “I wish I could afford that”, “how will I pay the bills?” “no one’s going to give me a chance” or any other “I’m not worth it” kinds of utterances to self or others.

Fine yourself.

Put a $100, a $10 or a dollar bill in the glass container where you can watch it grow. Put in a quarter to stand for a dollar. Put in a quarter as a quarter. Put in a dime. It doesn’t matter. Just see that it’s a stretch.

Solicit help from friends or family if you can. & ask them to help you notice when you’re talking ‘lack’ or ‘poverty’. If they’ve got issues with money, don’t expect their help because they probably wouldn’t notice anyway.

Fine yourself every single time you notice. Then what you’ll soon notice--if you’re new to this practice--is that you’ll start off slow, & if you continue to practice you’ll be fining yourself multiple times a day--or hour--at an alarming rate. Keep the practice up for as long as you can.

As the jar bulges with cash you will be able to substitute conversations of poverty consciousness with conversations of wealth consciousness. Finally, your outer circumstances will begin to reflect your new prosperity mindset back to you.

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