With businesses hopping on board the digital express at a whirlwind rate, online advertising is one of the most prevalent and effective ways to reach out to prospective customers and make your voice heard.
Online Advertising or Digital Marketing - What's the difference?

While often mistakenly used interchangeably, online advertising is in fact a subset of the broader umbrella term that is digital marketing, with its most defining characteristic being its dependence on a live internet connection to work.

Online advertising is present all around us as we navigate our way through numerous digital platforms, be it browsing social media, reading online articles or news or even streaming favorite TV shows. In fact Google and Facebook currently hold the largest share of the total digital ad spend in the US having 38.6% and 19.9% respectively. Many ad agencies in Pune make use of online advertising as a means to connect their clients with the exact sort of customer they are looking for.

Keeping in mind that online advertising is a part of digital marketing, it is to be expected that it will evolve at the same rapid rate we have come to expect from digital marketing. Online advertising at times, is so fast developing that it can be quite intimidating, especially to newcomers to the digital world.

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