Network marketing is just one part of marketing, which is an important tool of fulfilling sales and profiting and it could achieve reasonable effect when online marketing and offline marketing integrates well. Many enterprises think that internet is just a media, enterprises could promote the company profile and products on the internet to improve brand image and enhance enterprise image. Some enterprises can not work on network marketing smoothly since the marketing is done by different departments, such as administration department or customer service department.

Some foreign trade companies have experienced that they can develop online and offline marketing based on the company website with the assistance of other industry websites or B2B portals, such as IBUonline, to collect more purchase and demand information to develop more potential customers. They have made some profit by the interaction of online and offline marketing.

Information collection is a popular mode of network marketing now. Many websites could draft designated programs or use information collection software to scratch more information from other websites, and some valuable information can be added on the company website and more and more information can be seized by search engines, which could attract more and more website visitors in a short time.

But marketing is not equal to information collection. The websites need to do more to filter the information that is collected from other websites more choose the most valuable information that the website visitors needs or the customers really required.
IBUonline has launched information distribution service which can help online marketing greatly.

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