An asbestos awareness course is mainly aimed at making the candidates aware of the dangers associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibres, and also causing through indirect contact with materials which contains minute asbestos particles. Effective and proper training and experience will assist towards keeping work and contracts coming in from main contractors. The reputation and credibility of the organisation can be maintained perfectly by giving relevant training to the employees, also a well experience and certification in asbestos handling and removal.

It is a legal requirement for taking an asbestos awareness training for anyone who may be exposed to asbestos containing materials during their working activities. There are different and comfortable ways to learn asbestos awareness to avoid serious hazards in the workplace. The main effective and flexible method is by learning is E-Learning.

Asbestos Awareness E-Learning course is an affordable approach for everyone who disturbs asbestos continuously. Under the most recent Regulations, anyone who may come into contact with asbestos needs to be trained and hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate from any affiliated institution. Online course has been developed for everyone, from those who self employed, or running the small business to large multinational organisation. Most of the "E" Learning package allows you to learn and achieve asbestos awareness training at your own pace in your own home, at the workspace, on site or even on the move. It is important to obtain an UKATA Asbestos Awareness Certificate. This online training is suitable for any size company or the individual and it is the most cost effective way for individuals or workers to learn easily.

An Asbestos Awareness E-Learning course will make an employee to learn the following:

* Types and properties of asbestos in the workplace or home
* Uses of asbestos and likely locations of ACMs in buildings and plant
* The risks of asbestos, what all ways asbestos enter into human body and the health effects
* Understanding the Asbestos legislation
Emergency procedures and precaution

If someone work on buildings built or refurbished before the year 2000, large amount of asbestos particles could be present in the building. Everyone needs to have an awareness training so they would know how to avoid the risks. Most of the asbestos awareness course will take approximately 2 hours, and on successful completion of the course, they will be automatically issued a UKATA certificate to your main, which they can be download immediately.

Tips to improve Asbestos Awareness:

* Make sure every worker is aware of the risk due to asbestos exposure.
* Understand that there are some situations when they are much more at risk of exposure.
* Don’t need to be an asbestos expert to work safely in an at risk zone but they should make sure you’re knowledgeable about a few key facts.
* Make sure that they have taken the correct training.
* Provide workers with personal protective equipment
* Always remember the exposure limits.

By ensuring you are fully aware of the dangers of asbestos, you can prevent the harmful effects of exposure happening to your fellow workers and yourself. You will be able to help your company to manage asbestos exposure at your work site.

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