There are countless numbers of neat, interesting guitar sites that can be found across the internet spectrum. Many of them provide a unique understanding or capability that will give your music greater depth, as “you follow your trail to musical enlightenment. ” Some of them may be just plain fun to play with. The Guitar Lesson Staff has started a list of sites here that we find to be fun or add value when that particular perspective is considered. If you find any interesting guitar sites that should be added to this list, please send us an email with the link to support of

Thanks, and remember… Play your guitar and have fun!

Guitar Notes Master – An interactive program that makes learning the fret board easy! With its interactive teaching tool, you’ll gain an understanding of the fret board instead of just memorizing the location of a note. The price is very reasonable.

Learn to Read Sheet Music – This site takes you to the next level of guitar mastery. The focus is learning to read guitar sheet music and improving your guitar technique. Playing tabs can be very satisfying, but to progress, you’ll need to learn to read guitar sheet music. This site also offers a free metronome download.

Guitar Scale Mastery – This program targets using scales to play fluid guitar solos, using scales. Whenever we hear the word “scales” we all immediately flash back to a time of just wrote memory development, continuously playing the same notes over and over again. This is not the case with this program. You’ll learn how to develop great music combinations. This program will improve the intermediate guitar player who already had an understanding of tablature and wants to move beyond his “plateau.”

Riff Master Pro Slowdown Software This program captures and slows down a song so you can play along and learn the notes at your own pace, the speed up.The neat thing about this program is that it can slow down or speed up and keep the same pitch! It also can change the key of the whole song and will transcribe a song into notes or tabs!

Mega Music Beat Maker Software This is a really cool digital instrument program that allows you to easily develop accompaniment to create your own unique music sound. This is one to have fun with. Easily create your own sound! Inexpensive subscription.

Pitch Master Pro – Software that provides a faster and more effective way of training your inner ear to recognize notes, intervals, chords, and scales by name! Learning is accomplished by modules that focus on absolute pitch and relative pitch to improve pitch recognition. Has some interesting free bonus offers.

Ukulele Lessons – Features 8 minute lessons that will get you sounding great on the uke! Mitch Chang, a University of Hawaii music graduate provides a play–along method to get you sounding good quick! Have you ever heard someone playing the ukulele who didn’t sound good?

Adult Guitar Lessons – Are you a “boomer”? Discover how to easily overcome the challenges of learning how to play guitar “Later in Life”…

The guitar Suite E-book 325 pages of pure guitar knowledge, tips, tricks, tabs, drills, exercises, journals. And all in an easy to read, easy to use format that you can print out section by section. Very reasonably priced in .pdf format!

Rock Guitar Power – This site focuses on making you a crushing rock guitar player! Watch the sample of videos to see and hear what you want to play, whether on a stage or in your garage! Extremely reasonably priced.

Make Money Teaching Guitar Reports – E-book. All the information discussed relates to how to make money teaching guitar or teaching bass guitar. Provides information from A-Z on how to make money teaching guitar or bass guitar.

Play Guitar for a Living – E-book. A program that is easy, fun, profitable and most of all it works! In fact, you won't believe how well it actually works! You do not need to be a professional guitarist, just a few simple songs, the right attitude, a plan for performance and an understanding of where the market is. This E-book offers you all of that, plus advice from the author.

Play Worship guitar – Play worship guitar is a completely step-by-step method that teaches beginners everything they need to know to start playing guitar and build muscle memory so playing songs comes like second nature. The system is based on Aaron Anastasi's A-Z step-by-step guide, you will learn a proven 85% faster than if you used traditional old methods. This program includes 150 video lessons that allow you to progress at your own pace.

You can spend 5 minutes a day or 2 hours a day - whatever fits your schedule. What makes this program different from others is it's approach to learning. The key skills are focused on first, building the foundation to quickly progress. This is a practical guitar course that gets you playing guitar quickly, without having to spend hours a day trying to get good, with a “Never Get Stuck” guarentee!

Teach Me Bass Guitar – Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) is winner of the First Place Telly Award for excellence in video production, and the First Place AEGIS award for excellence in education. TMBG consists of 10 DVDs, 100+ play-along videos, a 162-page lesson book and unlimited access to Thunder Row, our online community and support website "for bassists, would-be bassists, and those who love them."

This program is the most comprehensive set of bass guitar lessons ever put together. Roy Vogt is the instructor and has been teaching at Nashville’s Belmont University for over 30 years and is internationally recognized as among the best bass instructors in the world. The content and instruction is of very high quality. Take a couple of the free lessons and find out for yourself.

Guitar Tricks – The Guitar Tricks Core Learning system is a third generation guitar lesson system geared toward first-time students and those returning to the guitar after some time. This program of eight full-length courses is divided into 2 sections, Guitar Fundamentals and Intermediate Style courses. Membership is free and you can get started with 24 free lessons! Guitar Tricks offers many different instructors and styles to help you reach your goals of learning to play guitar!

2 Minute Guitar Lessons – The 2 minute guitar lessons were created for those Adults who don’t have a whole lot of time to learn to play Guitar! Lessons are formatted in 2 minute mini-sessions focused on getting you playing guitar! If you just want to have fun and play guitar, this format is for you! I’ve had personal experience with this particular program.

My son, then 13 years old tried the traditional route of taking personal guitar lessons and became quite frustrated with how lessons were taught. It was all theory and scales and practice, practice, practice…nothing fun. It just wasn’t his learning style. Somehow, we came across Jack Sullivan and his 2 minute guitar lessons! My son finished his first lesson smiling.

When I got home he pulled out his guitar and played a basic, but rocking’ “sweet home Alabama”!! Now, years later, he writes his own songs and can jam with anyone. If you want to learn to play the guitar and make music, but you’re not hung up about music theory, this program is for you.

Learn and Master Guitar – Learn and Master Guitar is the ultimate guitar–training program on the market today. It comes with a 60-Day no-questions–asked guarantee, and covers from beginners to experts, including information on fingerings, chords, and advanced techniques, making it the closest thing to a personal tutor available.

This program offers tutoring for many different styles of guitar, including acoustic guitar lessons. This program is simply the best professional online guitar training one can purchase. It comes with 10 lesson DVDs, 6 jam-along CDs, and a 107-page lesson book that puts most tutors to shame. To say this program is “great” is an understatement.

Jamorama – The most notable point about the Jamorama product is that it is specifically acoustic guitar lessons. Providing an incredible e-book, video, audio and software materials, and corresponding lessons, Jamorama offers all of the training you will need to become a better acoustic guitar player. Whether you are new to guitar, or are a seasoned veteran, Jamorama will have you playing the acoustic guitar like a pro.

Jamorama Acoustic offers a great deal of online training, and is considerably cheaper than Learn and Master Guitar (LMG). So, if you are on the go or not so eager to spend $200 for LMG, try out Jamorama Acoustic. You will not be disappointed! If you need guitar then visit our Music Store

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