Selling ebooks are a great way to not only make an income from the internet, they can help brand your business and help make your work into a household name. Getting the word out as an artist gives you the tools for creating demand for your work in your local area and beyond. Instructional ebooks can make you the equivalent of a best selling author if it catches on and could skyrocket your art business far beyond anything that a show or gallery could generate for you. But selling ebooks one at a time can be slow and tedious indeed.

Licensing your ebook for a corporate sponsorship could be the ticket to huge success! Instead of selling your books one by one from a website, have a big company agree to give away your ebook as a bonus or incentive towards one of their larger sales. Or they can give it away as a lead generator. Big companies give away promotional material to prospects all of the time or include a bonus material in a system training package or even use them to train their new employees. Your expert ebook is exactly the tool they need for those things. Here is how it works:

Instead of you selling your ebook one at a time for $15 on your website and making $1500 per year if you sold two a week (that's about the average), you could possibly sell a company the licensing rights to give the book away for.75 cents per click or mailing of a copy. If a big company gave away 20,000 copies over a years time that would be $15,000 for you! And as far as giving away 20,000 copies to prospects, employees, as training material, package bonuses or lead generators, that's not that many at all. It's just part of a company's marketing strategy and budget. Always think in quantities!

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Alka Dalal, MA. , MS., (NYU and Rutgers University) with many years of corporate experience, founded i-Speak Consulting to enable individuals to take a pro-active approach in being effective communicators in the workplace. She has enjoyed success with different careers, family life and business. She is thrilled to share the stories of her struggles and triumphs in spite of adversities with others, to help them build their dreams and succeed in their own ways and finding their own creativity.She draws upon her vast experience to provide valuable tips on how to succeed in today’s economy using great tool called Internet Marketing.