Online content distribution is a very popular and effective way to gain an increase in your exposure and to stay in front of the internet audience. The content creation process itself is labor intensive but if done correctly can easily help you develop a favorable online reputation and generate traffic as well!

In order for your efforts to yield such results however there are 3 areas that must be addressed in the content creation process itself!

Satisfy Readers

Any information you are developing needs to be both of interest and beneficial, in some way to your readers! Quite simply if it is not people will not finish viewing it and if you consistently publish information like this you will develop an unfavorable online reputation as a writer. This will result in people seeing your name as the author leading them to disregard your publication altogether! Always keep the readers in mind, their likes and dislikes, during the content creation process so you will not be wasting your efforts!

Satisfy Search Engines

Do not forget the search engines and what they can do for you to help generate traffic! By properly selecting and placing keywords in whatever you compose and publish, you can benefit in terms of attracting highly targeted search engine traffic. Placing your primary keyword in your title and then 'sprinkling' secondary keywords in your opening and closing paragraphs should do the trick! Also do not overlook the use of anchor text when linking to other pieces of content or for use in your article resource box as well!

Massive Exposure

Ultimately you want to entice readers to click on your links but you absolutely need to get whatever you have composed out there in front of people. Create an intriguing resource box for your readers that will compel them to follow your link back to your site.

Enlist the help of article directories, social bookmarking and networking sites to help increase your exposure and generate traffic.

Content distribution is a terrific way to build a solid online reputation and generate traffic at the same time. In order to do so however there are 3 areas that will need to be addressed during the content creation process as has been reviewed above. By adding certain elements and preparing your composition in such a way you should be better able to build a notable online reputation. In addition this should also enable you to more easily generate traffic for your purposes. In this way you will make the investment of both your time and effort more than worth it!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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