Online Counseling is a very effective and also very convenient option for many people. Convenience is one of the main factors - people are often too busy to take the time to drive to and from a therapist's office. It is much more time-efficient to simply turn to your computer and make that Skype video call at the scheduled time. Also, many people, such as mothers with young children and the disabled or elderly, find it hard to make the special arrangements necessary to leave home to travel to their therapist's office. There is also the issue of availability. People living in the country or isolated communities, those living abroad in non-English speaking countries, and even those living in cities such as New York or LA where the cost of counseling therapy is unaffordable for many people.
Online Counseling Therapy is also very convenient for those who are suffering from agoraphobia and social anxiety and thus find it extremely challenging to leave the security of their home.
Is Online Counseling Effective? There have been several studies that show that online counseling can be as effective as in-person counseling, especially for non-clinical neuroses such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression. The Online Therapy option is becoming more accepted by the established mental health communities and recently was recommended to be made available on the NHS. Of course, effectiveness depends very much on the kind of psychotherapy being offered. The online format works best for cognitive-based forms of psychotherapy such as CBT and Mindfulness Therapy. Actually, it has been my experience that the online format using Skype video actually enhances the therapeutic process. People enjoy the process and definitely feel less intimidated and more at ease, especially since they can organize their sessions from the comfort of their own home.
However, as a therapist, I am very excited at anything that gives the client more options and choices in getting the help that they need for managing their anxiety, depression or stress. The Online Counseling arena certainly offers a huge range of choices - especially as it is not geographically limited. Living in New York I can seek help from a therapist in Colorado, California or even abroad. Many of my clients live in foreign countries and find it difficult to find a therapist who speaks English or who shares the same culture.
Many clients are also very particular in the kind of psychotherapy counseling that they want and that may not be available locally. For example, many people know that Boulder is a world-class center for Buddhist Psychotherapy, which may not be available in Wisconsin!
All you need is a laptop with Skype and PayPal and you are ready to start! But, be sure to get a free email consultation first and ask all your questions.

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Peter Strong, PhD, is a Mindfulness Psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author, based in Boulder, Colorado.
Besides face-to-face therapy sessions, Dr Strong offers Online Mindfulness Therapy through Skype. Visit and
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