In this technologic-centric era, more and more people are availing online counseling or online therapy for treating disorders like eating disorder, pain attacks, spousal abuse, etc. The online therapy aims at providing the best therapy sessions to patients at specific intervals. In this particular form of therapy, the sessions are imparted by online therapist through mediums of VOIP, video conferencing, online chat rooms, etc.

Primarily, an online therapist diagnoses the problems of patients. After diagnosing the condition and gaining information about their past medical history, he suggests therapies. Sometimes, it happens that some therapies show results instantaneously and some take considerable length of time. Reason being, factors like age of person, his overall health condition, etc play significant role in determining recovery process of patients. More the age of a person, more time it will take to treat the condition.

Of late, the concept of gaining therapy sessions over the internet is gaining immense popularity. Not because, it helps in saving considerable length of time. Besides saving time, there are other benefits also.

Benefits of online counseling

Communication through Various Mediums

E-mail messages, web chat, video conferencing, VOIP, etc. are some of the forms through which communication takes place between a person and therapist. So, those people who are not willing to disclose their physical identity can opt for e-mail or VOIP for communicating with the therapist.


There is an element of time flexibility in e-therapy. Unlike traditional therapy sessions, there are no fixed appointments. Some therapists work various hours in the whole day and are ready to provide sessions on the basis of time availability of patients. Moreover, conversation takes place through various mediums; therefore a patient can anytime resolve his queries by dropping a mail to his counselor.


As compared to face-to-face counseling, it is more cost-effective. Reason being, patients do not have to visit office personally for taking therapy sessions. This helps in saving petrol cost.

Several Options to Choose From

With the growth of online counseling services, the number of service providers has also increased. In case, patient is not happy with the sessions provided by a therapist, he can opt for other therapist.

Any person can start taking online counseling sessions anytime provided he has computer and fast speed internet connection. A word of caution is avail services of authentic and licensed therapist only. One can easily find network of licensed therapist by getting associated with those organizations which acts a bridge between sufferers and service providers. For finding more information about them, browse the web.

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