Dating in South Africa can start on the web or with an unplanned meeting with a person who takes your fancy. However, with the growing popularity of online dating South Africa, it is far more probable that you will meet up with a potential date on the web rather than ever meeting them in person initially.

Nonetheless, when you have got to know that person well online and it is time to meet them for real, the best idea is to meet them in a public area. Partly for reasons of safety, but also to familiarize yourself with them in a relaxing atmosphere. These are a few of the top venues to use as a meeting point when Online Dating South Africa:

 Mama Africa: Should you enjoy mixing up some ancient rhythms from Africa with a bit of cool jazz, then this venue is well worth visiting. With local bands, you can sample the tasty food during your online dating South Africa experience. Should you get there early, you might find that the venue is quiet. But, once the night warms up, so does the ambiance....

 The Drum Café: Prior to thinking about any action between the sheets, why not pay this club a visit and hire a “djembe” drum. Music will always be a good way to loosen up when online dating South Africa, and the rhythmic, primitive thuds emanating from a bunch of people playing on these drums could inspire a different kind of rhythm later on in the evening....

 Montecasino Fanzone: Should there be a game in town, think about visiting this South African venue to watch it. There will be lots of people there who enjoy sport and you will have fun in a group setting seeing your favorite teams competing on the pitch.

 Storms River: If you are a more adventurous sort and you wish to stimulate your testosterone, then venture out to this capital of extreme sports. You can make a fantastic connection with someone when online dating South Africa if you work up a bit of a sweat. Do not under-estimate the sexual power of partaking in some mountain biking, tubing or bungee jumping. Don't forget that dating is meant to be fun, so it is not important whether it began on the internet with a bit of sexy banter or not.

Regardless of whether you opt for some sport or some music, meeting up with the person you have met through online dating South Africa can begin in public and finish in private. Many have said that it does not really matter where you work your appetite up, so long as you have an attractive person to share a meal with at the end of it all....particularly if that meal is followed by some pleasurable bedroom action!

So, if you really want to indulge in what online dating South Africa can offer, just try combining some fun local venues with some fun local sex. What more could anyone want?!

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Steve has been an Online Internet Dating consulting since 2005 and has been advising some of the World's most innovative and ground breaking websites. In 2008 he set up is own online dating site in South Africa,