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An interesting teaching and learning activity recently highlighted is online games. This is the new way of learning that attracts most children and doesn't care to waste time learning and developing skills through these games.

That said, online games intended for educational and learning purposes can have a drastic effect on expert children who have identified the benefits of online educational games mentioned here: video games give the brain its son a real exercise. In many video games, they involve the skills needed to gain abstract thinking and high-level thinking. These skills are not even taught in school, and generally, they cannot be unless the situation arises.

This process requires a large amount of eye hands coordination and visual-spatial ability to be successful. The research also suggests that people can learn iconic, spatial and visual attention skills of video games. There have even been studies with adults showing that videogame experiences are related to better surgical capabilities.

Resource management and logistics. The player learns to manage limited resources and decide on the best use of resources, just as in real life. These strategy games also help to design a strategy that is better suited to the situation. I have found one of the latest best kids free online game now you can play this game freely click here

In addition to these, the online game helps the child develop teamwork and collaboration when playing with others; Many games are played online and involve collaboration with other online players to win. Therefore, online games have proven to be strong factors contributing to a child's development.

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