Tens of thousands of online shoppers place orders on the goods sold in Taotao mall and protested against Taobao since Taobao raised guarantee fees and management fees.

Taobao is a monopoly e-business operator in online market industry; the fees were set by Taotao without any negotiations or concessions. Many online shopping participants were not satisfied with the moves launched by Taobao.

Taobao has advantages in selling garment products and furniture, etc.

Taobao malls have raised threshold for buyers to join in to insure the quality of the products sold there and protect consumers’ interest.

The Monopolistic practices really offended the public, buyers may say they can not buy good quality products at low prices, since the sellers in the mall may transfer part of increased cost to the consumers and the mall members may complain that there is no rules to regulate online shop rent fees and management fees.

IBUonline is a B2B portal and IBUonline is watching the case and the development.

IBUonline wish a good e-business circle of ecological can be created for the consumers in the end, then both sides of buyers and sellers could benefit from the e-business websites.

IBUonline is aimed at provide a good platform for international buyers and domestic sellers to complete foreign trade easily and conveniently.

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