Gold trading has a millennial history. From ancient times on, people have been involved in this kind of trading. Gold has always been bought, sold and during the recent years also traded openly on the world market.
No wonder that today online gold trading has such a great popularity. This experience has become possible due to modern technologies. Gold has two main advantages. First gold serves as a hedge during financial and economical instability. After all, inflation and devaluation strengthen the value of the currency. Secondly online gold trading allows the traders and investors to gain profits from the price differences.

You can get involved in online gold trading through stock market. However, the easiest way to sell or buy gold is due to your Forex account. In order to participate in this trading, you need first of all to choose a brokerage company. Many Forex platforms provide that opportunity, though the initial trading instruments in Foreign Exchange market are currencies. So, while choosing a broker, look through its trading instruments to find out if they include metals like gold, silver or platinum for example. The main role of the broker is likely to be an intermediary for those who want to get an access to the market. The broker creates all necessary conditions for online gold trading, partially establishes available volumes, spreads. All you need is to download the platform of the selected broker, open an account, fund it and start trading.

Online gold trading is realized the same way as Forex trading. The trading strategy is the following: you buy low and sell at high prices and vice versa. XAU is the ISO 4217 currency code for gold, denoting one troy ounce of gold. In Foreign Exchange market XAU is usually quoted against such popular currencies as USD and EUR (XAUUSD, XAUEUR). XAUUSD reflects current value of one ounce of gold expressed in US dollars, and XAUEUR current value of gold expressed in euros.
As a participant of online gold trading you should understand that despite the fact that gold is considered to be a quite steady form of trading, in Forex market its prices are fluctuating similar to other trading instruments in this sphere. It is the subject of speculation and prices float according to the rules of supply and demand. Taking into account this matter, in this kind of trading you also need to do predictions regarding market movement. If you have appropriate capability, you can somehow predict the market movement, doing technical or fundamental analyses by yourself, if not, then you can make use of daily technical analysis and market overview, provided by each brokerage company.

    Advantages of online gold trading
  • Around the clock trading
    The gold market operates 24 hours a day during trading hours.
  • High leverage
    Traders can choose between leverage ratios ranging from 1:50 to 1:400, which will give them an opportunity to trade with a greater amount of money than their initial deposit.
  • High liquidity
    This means that selling and buying are being performed easily. So, traders are able to enter and exit online gold trading at any time convenient for them.

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