Hong Kong’s group-buying market only got lackluster receptivity from the city residents, compared with other cities or markets.

It is figured out by a group-buying service provider in HK, saying the defective in group buying for HK residents can be concluded to printing out online purchase voucher on paper and presenting to the products or service providers to enjoy a discount in a restaurant or store.

It is a not a strong evidence to explain the reason being is because they do not have computer or printers.
Some people explained the phenomenon, it is because HK has a high population density and it is easy and convenient for buying anything anytime as there are many convenient shops and retailing shops in HK, which makes people think less about online group buying.
Group buying is different on the mainland as mainland shopping environment is inferior to HK.

As group buying can cut down the cost price largely, product sellers or service providers are willing to lower the price to attract more customers.

IBUonline is sensitive about e-business trend and find out different business environment in HK and mainland makes different group buying results.

IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade business platform, which has helped many SMEs to develop foreign trade.

Now IBUonline has opened a platform for small amount of wholesale business.

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