In a country like Pakistan where more than half of the population resides in far-flung in rural regions, telemedicine can be a potential life-saver. Most people living in villages don’t have access to any healthcare at all and either resort to village quacks or home remedies for treatment. Setting up telemedicine stations there will allow them to find online doctors in Pakistan and get treated online with the help of trained staff. An online doctor app like My live doctors will enable them to get professional medical advice from home!

Telemedicine is not limited for the rural population. Minor health concerns that are not urgent and do not require an in-clinic visit can effectively be treated at home. Find a doctor in Lahore or any city in Pakistan by downloading an online doctor app like My live doctors on your smartphone or mobile device.

Getting an online doctor appointment in Pakistan is a quick and easy way to get a second opinion from a physician, to ask a medical related query and receive online therapy sessions. Health conditions like the flu, acne, stress, headache, skin conditions and UTIs are examples of basic, non-emergency issues that can be dealt with online. Look up your doctor at an online clinic list and find an online physician in Pakistan instantly without waiting days to schedule an appointment. If however, you’re dealing with an emergency, please dial your local emergency number or proceed to the Emergency department.

Even though tele-medicine services have been around for a while, it has recently gained popularity in Pakistan. With online health services like My live doctors people with minor health conditions or patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure can be examined and monitored from the comfort of their own home.
Many tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan are incorporating tele-health services or online medicine services into their system so that doctors can treat patients who do not need to come to the doctor’s office remotely. This is not only advantageous for the patient but for the doctor too. It will allow the doctor to give more time to serious patients. Studies show that consulting online doctors doesn’t only save time but is lighter on the pocket too! It is helping patients get medical advice from home while facilitating doctors to help people without in-clinic visits.

While some are still skeptical about online doctors in Pakistan, others find it more convenient than the conventional doctor’s visit. You can download My live doctors app and register to it for FREE! If you are a patient who requires regular follow-ups but are not always able to make it, then this app is for you. Find the specialist you need and schedule follow-ups on your phone according to your schedule.

Sometimes we tend to brush small health concerns under the carpet thinking that they’re not important without realizing that they may complicate if treatment is delayed. Ask a doctor online in Lahore or any city in Pakistan for expert medical advice and treatment that best suits your condition. You can also discuss your lab/radiology reports, and even consult a different physician any time you want!
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Dr. Abigail Kane MD is a graduate of George Washington University school of medicine. Dr. Kane trained in the department of cardiology during her residency. During her residency she was able to provide utmost care and consultation which resulted in an overall improvement of the department. Dr. Kane has been practicing as a cardiologist in California since 1997. She currently has 7 publications in the American Journal of Cardiology and has co-authorships involving other publications. Her practice focuses on new research in the field of Cardiology in accordance with published clinical trials. Most of her treatment strategies are evidence based as her are research papers. She has always been a career-driven, ambitious individual with high aspirations. Dr. Kane is listed as a major contributor in the publication that featured the therapeutic effects of a new cardio-protective drug that may be used in preventive cardiology. Currently Dr. Kane hold various certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and she was also recognized with an award for her work in cardiology research.