More and more people want to watch favorite movies and programs in a convenient time for they, turning on own TV set and over the computer! Your wife is watching a soap opera, but you want football? Why should you buy a second TV? Just turn on your computer or laptop and go to the Internet! Remember the famous line from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears?" Soon there will be nothing: no theater, no movies, no books will be only one big TV! ". Books, theater, cinema in our lives still remain. But TV does take more space. And, to replace traditional TV comes to Internet TV. For the consumer - it is a new possibility. About the peculiarities of the new digital television will be discussed! In the world there are about 190 countries, and each has its own broadcast channels, public or private, as well as cable (analog and digital). Well, of satellite broadcasting not to speak! The most famous of which are Hotbird (Europe), Turksat (Turkey), Arabsat (Arab countries), AsiaSat (Asia channels), Yamal (Russia), NTV (Russia). Thus, all the world there are about 5000 channels, both popular and not so. And then we have more a country is, then more it has TV channels. Leader in the number of channels in the country was United States of America. There's a lot of private and local broadcasting companies, also each state has a few dozen! CNN, CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX - the most famous of them. These media giants that broadcast to the whole world via satellite communication, or via terrestrial repeaters, as well as through the Internet, antenna systems or DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)! Of course, I want to watch it all for free, but it is not always possible. Channels could be encoded or not available in another region or country. Huge part of the market makes the news and sports online channels. According to statistics, a person spends watching TV for about 5 hours a day! And some spend half-days for TV watching! Have you considered how you spend your time sitting at a computer at work or at home, on vacation or business trip? Staying at the computer, you can view the same TV programs, news, reviews, shows. Combine your work and watching TV. Be aware of all the action! This attracts online Internet TV! Do not pay for television, you did pay for the Internet. Save time and money. Of course, the Internet is not as broadly distributed as television, particularly in developing countries, but still the future of Internet technology and online broadcasting network!

Films, tours, education, news, entertainment, sports, funny videos.

For many, the phrase Internet TV seems to be familiar, but it's actually that very few people can think about. The term Internet TV means the watch of films, programs and broadcasting to users via the Internet in real time (direct or online). Now there are several models of broadcasting on the Internet. As well as transmitting various topics: news, sports, religious channels, programs for children, art and documentary films, educational programs and excursions to museums, as well as broadcasts via web cams from different places on the Earth!

What should I do to join the army of online TV viewers?

Firstly, you need the Internet connection. You need quickly web browser like Google Chrome. Installed plug-in for the selected browser, depending on the server broadcasting (Windows Media Player, VLC (Video Lan Client), Real Player, Abode Flash), and also have a broadband channel with a capacity of not less than 1Mbit/s (or more for better viewing). For installing the plug-in, it must be downloaded from the manufacturer, most of them free. Next, follow the installation instructions! The player needs to get a quality "pictures" using minimal computer resources. If the speed of Internet is unstable or insufficient, you can put the player on pause, wait for the movie or the on line programs are cached, and then watch it now without delay. No other requirements for equipment and computer configuration no. And the most needed it is to find the web site with live channels, it could be original company resource or retransmitting legal portal.

Any film, programs and show at any time! Video archive broadcasts!

Today on TV we can watch a lot of shows with the stars, this was not necessarily go to the Internet. But good movies, shows, music clips or interviews on television shows, mostly in the late hours, when many people are asleep. Therefore, sections for video library, primarily focused on films and programs which can not always see on TV in prime time.

What can you watch? The choice is yours!

Internet - as the most part of all the information environment created by mankind - contains a lot of insecure information. Bona fide sites contain, as a rule, several levels of protection and prevention. All use proprietary technology to ensure a high level of protection. Yes, most of the Internet movie theaters - it's the pirate sites that do not care about such things. These sites are live on the advertising money from the very base of advertising and do not stop the spread illegal software.

Why is it free?

Many sites are free for watching - why? Because official broadcaster or TV company does not require any license from sites for rebroadcasting, and these companies have more viewers in future! Of course, advertising is necessary. When you watch your home TV, there are too many commercials or ads. Free Internet channels life at the expense of advertising! But you can make advertising interesting and useful. Is not it? It is designed for easy to search. You can search for channels, TV programs, talk shows, even the whole series and episodes of your favorite movies! By the way, any visitor, if he or she can not find the fact that he was searching for, they can leave a request and site owner will try to accommodate his wishes.

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