When people using different languages started communicating with each other over the internet the need to give everyone the global platform arise where everyone is able to read the text in their own language , therefore the need of multilingual website arise.

But it was not possible to create a web sites that can be made available in all worlds languages and English is not the first language for most of the people around the globe. Thus, the need arise where anyone can translate the web page in their own language.

With the emergence of internet the world has become a global platform for everyone may it be for personal or professional purposes, with people from various walks of life and different countries using different languages communicates with each other. Internet being global pattern provides various tools for people to communicate using different languages. These language translation tools available online provide access to all people to translate from one language to another language and vice versa. These available tools may be free or paid provides the same service of translating with different levels of accuracy.

There are various online tools available which a person get searching the internet. Various companies made online software’s where a person can copy, paste the text and select the language of the text and the language to which it is to be translated. The most commonly used online language translation tools are Google Language Tools, Yahoo Babel Fish Translator, FreeTranslation.com to name a few.

Google Language Tools
The Google Language tools are the most commonly and widely used free language translation tools that allow users to translate words and Web pages using many languages. It allows users to copy, paste text or add text as audio and just by selecting the desired language to convert the user get the translated text. You just need to follow this simple procedure and get all your need fulfilled. This is less time consuming process and we don't charge even a single penny of yours.

Yahoo! Babel Fish
The Yahoo! Babel Fish Language translator is used for translating text or web pages from English to other language. The Yahoo! Babel Fish opens a Bing translator page which auto detects the default language of your system or you can select from the list of languages available and than choose the language to which the text or web page is to be translated, with just copy, paste or adding the URL in the box available the text can be translated with just one click on the translate button.

The SDL|FreeTranslation.com translates text and web pages from English to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, or Russian and vice versa. It provides services for online translation as well as human translation, which is a paid service and charges are per word translations.

Online translation tool is a great way to crack down the communication problem due to the language barrier. Sometimes it is so frustrating when you are not able to understand the language of others. This tool is beneficial for those people. All these are very beneficial tips that can help you to meet your demands. We hope you like the services and for any confusion you can see the guidelines section. We believe in customer satisfaction and would like to gain you as a long term customer.

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