Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a class of information systems that is currently developing at, perhaps, the fastest pace in the entire IT industry. In one way or another, today everyone needs them - schools, universities, large, medium and small businesses. The transition of education to online is one of the most striking trends of the present time. Such an explosive pace of development of the industry has led to a huge variety of solutions used in the construction of this class of systems. The choice today is so wide that even an experienced IT specialist can easily get lost in these various systems. 

How not to make a mistake and make the right choice?

Open edX is the industry standard

Among the many modern platforms for building online education systems, Open edX stands apart. The open source version of the edX platform, developed by experts from Harvard University and MIT, has been developed since 2012 and during this time it has become one of the most popular LMS systems in the world. Today, hundreds of organizations from both the academic and business environments use it - in particular, such "monsters" of the IT industry as IBM and Microsoft built their internal educational systems based on Open edX. There are several reasons for this success:



Open edX is an open source solution that anyone can download, install, use and modify to suit their needs. Distributed under dual licensing under the AGPL and Apache licenses.



Open edX provides a wealth of functionality to meet the needs of virtually any organization. Video tutorials, presentations, virtual laboratory stands, proctoring services - all this and much more works right out of the box.


Flexibility and extensibility

Open edX supports many options for fine-tuning and "tuning" of LMS services, provides an API, implements standards and protocols, which allows you to customize the functionality of the system in accordance with the needs of a particular customer.



Open edX implements all major standards and protocols used in building modern LMS systems - LTI, OLX and others. This greatly simplifies the task of integrating the online learning system with external systems and services, and also allows you to exchange data with other LMS.


Modern technology stack

Open edX is written in Python and powered by Django and is easy to modify, configure, and administer. The standard installation assumes the use of Docker containers running Ubuntu Linux.


Examples of online learning systems based on Open edX

Online learning systems based on Open edX, are becoming increasingly popular as more and more institutions and organizations adopt this open-source platform for delivering education and training. The cost of these learning management systems can vary depending on the specific needs of the organization and the level of customization required. Open edX offers a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for online learning systems. Here are a few examples of online learning systems based on Open edX:

  1. edX.org: edX is a prominent example of an online education platform that utilizes the open-source technology of Open edX. Established by two of the world's most renowned universities, Harvard and MIT, edX provides a diverse array of courses to learners globally.
  2. Coursera: Coursera is an online learning platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer courses online. It uses Open edX as its underlying technology.
  3. FutureLearn: FutureLearn is a UK-based online learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses from top universities and organizations worldwide. It's based on the Open edX platform.
  4. OpenSesame: OpenSesame is an e-learning marketplace that offers a wide variety of courses for businesses, organizations, and individuals. It uses the Open edX platform to deliver its courses.
  5. Open edX Campus: Open edX Campus is a French-based e-learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses to students around the world. It's based on the Open edX platform and is designed to be easy to use for both students and instructors.


In conclusion, online learning systems based on Open edX are an effective and efficient way to deliver education and training to students around the world. Open edX is a versatile and flexible open-source platform that offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for creating online learning systems.  The examples mentioned in the article  have demonstrated its success and popularity. These platforms allow students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, making education more accessible and convenient than ever before. The adoption of Open edX will continue to grow in the future and will play a vital role in the e-learning industry.

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