With everyone on the internet, there’s no doubt where your market exists. This is why companies have taken the time and money to build their brand through the web. There are a few tools that you can maximize to make your online presence felt to the community that you wish to target:

1. Social Media. With Facebook and Twitter dominating the web, there is no better way to build your brand than by sharing information. The magic of “share” and “retweet” have changed the strategy of publicity today. It is also a great way to get in touch with your customers.

2. Blogs. There is no better way to establish your expertise in the field than by publishing your own blog. An informative article with a link to your site can give you the SEO link building that will increase your rank in search. It might be the oldest, but it certainly is the most effective.

3. Online Video. What better way to really connect with an audience than by giving them a piece of who you really are. Get the word out there and make it creative. Everybody enjoys a video that they can learn from once in awhile or simply to keep them entertained.

4. E-mail. Go directly to the customer in a language that only they know. Online marketing strategies now adopt that personal touch while saving you time and money.

5. Forums. If you really want your brand to soar, join in the discussions that are happening as you read. Giving professional advice and providing a link to your site will attract the right traffic that you need.

6. Podcasts. A combination of “playable on demand” and “broadcasting” is today’s newest member of online marketing. Again, it’s a great way to gain the authority that you wish to achieve gaining a following that will trust your brand.

7. Promos. Who doesn’t like the online promo? With several clicks you are well on your way to being noticed by the right market.

8. Affiliates. Think about it like a referral system where you can exchange the privilege of linking to one another’s sites. Not only does it build rapport with a partner, it’s a great way to increase your SEO.

9. Search Engine Optimization. The key ingredients for SEO are keywords, content, and links. Optimize your web content to increase your search engine ranking.

10. Publications. Whether it’s a brochure or a monthly magazine, publications are a great way to engage the client and to gain organic leads. Go straight to the customer and present the services they need.

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Matt Hallaran is the founder of Sidekiiks Incorporated. Sidekiiks is an offshore outsourcing company that specializes in providing a wide range of business solutions such as Call Center Services, Executive Virtual Assistant & Online Marketing Management for lead generation to entrepreneurs and SME’s.