Local television needs guests constantly to create content for their viewers. What better way to promote your art business than to get on a local television show and talk about an upcoming art fair, charity event or gallery opening? Getting seen by the community really gets your name out there.... that's what every artist needs if they want to sell more work. And it's not as hard as it seems.
You can contact any number of people within the television station ranks for the opportunity to have the show producer see you. Even the receptionist has the ability to pass along a good interview topic to her boss. Every person who works in a TV station knows how important getting good guests are and how they get the information varies all over the board. These is usually a "community affairs" contact or producer who's email or phone number should be easily available on the station website. For local events, this is your best bet.
Art shows, charities and galas are the easiest to get booked, but do not discount simple business promotions. Galleries and art shops can create a buzz by letting TV producers know that you are available for an "ask the expert" show where people can call in to get tips in your industry. Anything interesting to a viewer is valid material for a TV interview. And don't let being on TV scare you.... it's easy. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. There are producers and directors there to help you. They know most people will be nervous and they have ways to calm your nerves.

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