You may not believe it, especially after all the work and money you've put into your website, but people will leave your site. A good statistics package will tell you exactly where most people are leaving. This is a handy thing to know and you'll learn some desperation tricks to do something about it later. But for now, we'll try to control where people go when they leave your site.
If you own more than one website, you could put links to it on your top exit pages and invite people to visit your other site. You might not even want to mention that it's another site that you own. This is something you have to test. If they are leaving your present site because they thought it was lousy, they are not going to click to another site you control.
If they are leaving on a page because they have seen everything you have to offer, that means they probably would like more. Then, by all means, let them know they will find more good content at, "Our sister site," or, "Our partner site," or some other phraseology like that. Another strategy would be to join other associate/affiliate programs (you'll also learn more about these) and put the links on your top exit pages. That way when people leave your site you still have a chance to profit from them if they buy something at one of the sites you send them to.
You can use pop up boxes as a great exit strategy (although "exit pop up boxes" are being blocked more and more). Despite the dire warnings from propeller heads around the world, pop up boxes used judiciously still are very profitable in promoting ezine sign ups, affiliate programs, pick your price promotions and finance options.
Where do you send your buyers? Don't forget the confirmation/thank you page from your shopping system. They already have their wallet out from buying your products. This would be another great place to put affiliate links so you can earn more commissions on whatever they buy from other sites.

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