First let's talk about the difference between a search engine and a directory. In a search engine an automated robot spider looks at your webpages to see where an individual page should rank when someone searches for your topic. The only time a real person looks at your site is if the search engine people think you are cheating.
In a directory a real person looks at your site in its entirety first to decide if the site is good enough to be in the directory and if so, where in the directory your site belongs. Submitting a website to a directory requires an entirely different strategy than submitting to robot spider driven search engines. Remember... a real person will be looking at your website in its entirety and deciding whether it is a good enough site for their directory, and where in their directory would it belong.
With directories, you don't submit individual pages like you might do with a robot driven search engine. You are submitting the entire site by means of a submission form. The reason it's really important to get into Dmoz is that it can get you a higher ranking inGoogle. Google knows that the Dmoz volunteers carefully protect their directory and only let in good sites. When Google sees that you got in Dmoz it figures your site must be pretty good so it boosts your ranking results in its index.
If accepted in this directory, it may take a long time to get your site listed. Since it's volunteer oriented they get backlogged sometime. If you don't see it listed in a reasonable amount of time that they will tell you about on the site, you can then resubmit.

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