Even if you don't plan to design websites as your primary business, I recommend that you learn enough to have control over updating your own site whenever you need to. Website authoring programs are designed so you don't have to write all the HTML code from scratch. In fact, you don't have to write any at all if you don't want to, although learning a little as you go along is a good idea.
Try to avoid getting a cheap program, unless you are really broke. You want to get a highly supported professional program. That way you'll always be able to find someone who knows how to use it when you get in a jam. Having good support whether it be from the software company of just a high school kid who knows about this stuff will keep major headaches away.
Microsoft Front Page: A program used by Internet marketing experts for many years, but it is now discontinued.
Expression Web: This is Microsoft's replacement for Front Page. If you have any version of Microsoft Office, you can just buy the "upgrade" version of Expression Web for about $89.00 which is more than $200.00 cheaper than buying the full version.
Adobe Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a much more complicated web design program that excels in really advanced web creation techniques that are considered to be the standard of good web design. It's harder to learn and it's quite a bit more expensive too. It is available though for both the Mac and PC and of course it will still do the basics outlined above. Learning any of these programs will greatly increase your chances of success with you website because you will be able to make changes quickly and easily. Waiting for a web designer to call you back could make you miss sales and opportunities.

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