There is a lot of frustration, fear, and anxiety going around these days.

This is an extremely precarious time for businesses all over the world because there simply isn’t a single right answer for how they should react to the situation.

So, when things get tense and impossible to predict like this, it’s only natural to turtle up and try to weather the storm.

“Turtling up,” in a business sense, means pulling in on yourself and not reaching out for new opportunities. It means reducing as many costs as possible, including the marketing budget, and hoping that you can stick it out until everything returns to normal on its own.

This certainly seems to make sense on the surface, and, in some cases, the regulations and dictates of the state government may force you into this strategy.

However, even if it seems safe – or inevitable – it may not be the right strategy at this time.

To be clear: we are not advocating that any company ignore the health and safety measures that have been put in place.

We are, however, going to suggest some strategies, options, and opportunities that may prove more effective than the classic turtle strategy.

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