Many mistakenly believe that online marketing is a money making business but this thinking is flawed! Now this is not to discourage people from going on the web to earn an income but just to present the reality that 'marketing' per say is merely a function! To market something to others is in fact a strategy used for promoting a product and is NOT an internet business opportunity!

In an effort to simply set the record straight here are 3 reasons marketing is NOT a business but merely a function used for promoting a product!

No Tangible Product

In order to earn an income one needs to have something tangible to offer people! Folks need to be able to touch or at least experience something if you expect them to pay money for it! To 'market' something to others however is merely the act or strategy taken to present or make people otherwise aware of a products availability and benefits!

No Customer Demand

There is no demand for the act of promoting a product however it is the benefits products offer that help create the demand! Once again marketing is a process used by businesses to make potential customers aware of the benefits any products being offered may hold for them! The intention is that by creating this awareness it will then create the demand necessary to convert potential customers into buying customers!

No Customer Need

For what earthly reason would anybody have a need to be promoted or marketed to since the only intention of this act is to influence you into taking a specific action? It only stands to reason if there is no need for something how can you possibly expect to earn an income promoting it! Once again promotional activity such as that used when marketing offers absolutely no benefits to the people it targets! Therefore it is safe to assume and assert that if something is NOT beneficial to others there is little or no need for it, plain and simple!

In order to build a money making business one must first have a tangible product or service to offer! Many mistakenly believe that the 'function' of online marketing is actually an internet business opportunity and target this as a way to earn an income! The reality is that this is much like trying to get blood from a turnip as people will quickly come to understand! To market is merely the act of promoting a product and is not something you can offer to others for a profit! On the other hand this function, as discussed above, although not for sale is necessary to make a profit from any internet business opportunity!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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