Mediums can do demonstrations that show our loved ones are still around us and are only just a thought away. They say that there is no pain in the spirit world and that the ones that are left behind are the ones that suffer. An online medium who is good in mediumship, can give you messages from your loved ones and tell you what they are wanting you to know.
A medium acts as a channel, and this is not the medium but those that are in the spirit world who are sending through the messages to the medium. A medium will always channel the message as it comes through and the messages that comes through will mean something to the recipient and not the medium.
When your loved one is in the spirit world they are the same and have the same character as they used to have when they were alive, but they don’t have a body and it is just the mind of the person who has passed on that communicates with the person who is having the reading.
A online medium reader can channel over the phone like a radio and connect to the person who wants the reading done. They connect to the energy field of the person who is having the reading done and can do predictions for the future and also know about the person’s past and present.
Time in the spirit world is not the same as it is on earth and goes much quicker. Life for someone who has passed away and is in the spirit world is different from life on earth. There is no pain or anguish and they are peaceful. The people that have passed on only want to convey that they are well and happy on the other side and to give messages from time to time that may help their loved ones.
An online medium can give you reassurance and assistance in dealing with grief and can help you in many ways. When you decide to have a reading done then make a short list of any questions that you would like answered. That way you won’t forget what questions to ask the medium.
The reading should go well and you should be able to connect to someone that you wish to, but from time to time this doesn’t happen so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen the first time you have a reading done. Just book another reading for another time and it will probably happen then.
A medium cannot guarantee that they will always get in touch with a particular person that has passed on as it all depends on the person wanting to come through as well. But most of the time they do come through with important messages.
An online medium who is good with mediumship should be able to connect quite quickly to you and the person that you want to connect with, and you should come away after your reading feeling that you have got the answers to your questions.

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