If you’re interested in making money online, and are like many folks with a lack of start-up cash, your answer might be in writing your own Blog. Websites work well but it might not be what you’re looking for when you’re just starting your online business. Many websites can be expensive, time-consuming, and maybe even a little frustrating. You don’t want to use your hard-earned cash that way and a Blog is a good alternative to get some cash flow going. Here are a few reasons why Blogs might be the online business starting point for the cash flow you're looking for.

Like most software, Blogs have been upgraded to the next generation--the 2.0 version is constructed to send business traffic your way. For a user- and cash-flow friendly site try Tblog, Vox, ShoutPost or Blogger. If anyone's interest is piqued by the product you might be reviewing (check the various Affiliate linkups on ClickBank) they can click through to that product. A Blog is really a personal diary so you might want to add a few pictures of you, your pets, your family or friends – in addition to your likes and dislikes. It's not really a sales ad but a place to showcase you and your interests - and if someone might think the product you like is a match for them they have what they need through your Blog. As soon as you set up your Blog, you can immediately start to advertise your products or services or promote any affiliate programs (check out other articles on Affiliates). When visitors click on links and purchase a product, you are paid a commission for getting the sale.

Blogs are way cheaper than having a website built. With the many free Blogging services, you don’t need to buy a domain name, pay for hosting or pay someone to design your website. Beginning your online business with a Blog is easy and anyone can do it. The most important advantage of starting a home based internet business with a Blog is the fact that no real technical skills are needed. You can do most everything yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in advertising. In comparison to a website, Blogs are an easy and quick way to drive traffic to a product. By Blogging consistently, and using your keywords, your Blog can be indexed on the World Wide Web search engines favorably. You will begin to see traffic to your Blog.

By updating your Blog regularly you can start making money online while having fun as well. This is simply because blogging is fun - and it’s so easy to do. If you start your online business in a niche that interests you, or that you know a lot about, you won’t find it difficult to add something to your Blog every day. This regular Blog update will, thus, improve your search engine rank on the internet and thereby drive traffic to your Blog. All of this will result in more sales!

Blogging is a good alternative for online home business newbies who want to start making money at home without a large startup expense. Why not start your own Blog today - and begin making money online! For more helpful information see http://www.raemarch.com .

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Rae is a home internet business marketing consultant offering tips for home business entrepreneurs. Rae has earned a business management certificate from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. http://www.raemarch.com .