The dynamic way of proctoring exams is garnering a lot of attraction. But how to decide which one is right for you? Several companies provide certification exams for working professionals. Such tests often need the candidate to travel to a center where a human proctor oversees the entire process. But now, online proctoring services has become the new norm where the individual takes the exam at his or her place. Famous software companies like SAP and Microsoft provide the proctoring services for their programs. A lot of other educational institutes are looking forward to following the trend. Let’s compare it to know which one is the best!

Why choose exam proctoring services?

• Now anyone can take any test without traveling further to a test center which is great! The proctoring services provide such feature which is important for the working professionals because they’re busy often.

• Candidates have the flexibility to choose their own convenient timing which is a great opportunity! Generally, one needs to book his or her slots prior to attending the test. But still, there’s some possibility to schedule at a short notice too!

• The availability of this service allows the candidates to keep their credentials up to date. For example, if someone has to travel to a center for giving the test every few years then it is a hassle. Online proctoring makes this easy! The exam proctoring services companies are constantly improving their delivery. As a matter of fact, a whiteboard feature has been added to take notes during an exam.

• Working professionals are looking for convenient scheduling and only online proctoring can provide that! Additionally, the easy accessibility is one of the main reasons why it has gained so much popularity amongst everyone. Anyone take these exams on their own laptop or computer, using minimal aids such as webcam only. Plus, people who have any particular disability to attend the exam center, this comes as a big advantage!

• Individuals need to take some steps to prepare the environment for the exam. You have to research about it more if you want to know if this is right for you. Research more about the system test, system requirements, identification requirements, testing session tutorials, retrieving the score and removal of the software.

Why Choose Test Center Proctoring?

• Test centers provide a computer or laptop, internet connection setup, and a webcam to the candidate. Everything is already there in the center.

• The duration of the exams is usually very long as the candidate doesn’t get the time for a break, especially for security reasons.

• It is often possible that some exams need to be held with a human proctor present at a test center. This is due to regulations or government authority.

• Some also say that security is stronger in the test center than with the online proctoring services. But online proctoring makes it easy to administer the entire process and also it is dedicated to ensuring the security of the exam proctoring services by making imitation harder!

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