When will I know if my payday loan request is approved?
Normally, you will know if your payday loan online is approved within 1-3 minutes but sometimes, within seconds. If there is a short delay, stay on your phone, do not hang up, as you will lose your opportunity if you are approved. If for any reason, you are not approved, you will also be notified in the same time frame.
Can I get a payday loan without going through a credit check?
Most, but not all, payday lenders use databases to assess your credit history and do not do direct credit checks. However, we cannot guarantee that a credit check will never be made by any specific lender. As a referral source to over 100 lenders, it is impossible for us to monitor every one of them. There is truly no such thing as a ‘no credit check’ loan. See the next question which is relevant to this one. A credit score is not only the criteria for your loan approval, but you can also check with guaranteed payday loans.

Is it harder to get a loan with bad credit?
This depends on a wide range of factors. Bad credit may be an approval factor, but it does not prevent millions of people each year from getting an online payday loans. It is more important that you meet other criteria like having a steady job (at least 6 months) and a working bank account, etc. Every day people with bad credit receive the benefit of emergency payday loans or bad credit payday loans.

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