Many people get excited about strength training when they learn about the major ways it can improve their athletic performance. By following the tips in this article, you will be able to train effectively and to maximize your improvements in strength and speed.

Focus on good form when you are learning how to lift weights. Don't allow yourself to attempt more weight than you can lift correctly. Poor form puts you at risk for an injury, and it limits your potential for improvement. Other than a few more advanced lifts, weight lifting exercises should generally be performed slowly. You will be working your muscles while raising weights and while lowering them. Stay in control of the weight throughout the entire movement for maximum benefit.

Proper warmups are similarly important for avoiding injury. A few minutes on the treadmill and some dynamic stretching will wake up your muscles, allowing you to lift more weight without hurting yourself.Warm up on each exercise by performing a few light sets, then working up to a heavier weight. This will ensure that your muscles are functioning properly, and it will activate muscle memory, ensuring better form.

Focus on proper form while doing these warmup sets, and then make sure that your form stays the same once you add more weight. You may want to perform some stretches between sets, in addition to whatever pre-workout warmup you have done. This is especially important when moving your focus from one body part to another. Just make sure that you are doing dynamic stretches, such as deep squats or lunges with body weight. Passive or static stretching should be saved for the end of a workout.

Stretching in the mornings and evenings can help you greatly. This is a good way to improve flexibility, which will allow you to perform exercises over a greater range of motion. Stretching regularly can also decrease the sore feeling you will get from your workouts.

Make sure not to neglect abdominal and lower back exercises. Most free weight exercises involve these muscles to some extent, as do many everyday activities. By strengthening your lower back and abs, you can prevent pain or injury, improve posture, and facilitate progress on many of your other exercises.

Basic knowledge of training strategies is highly important to making progress in strength training. By following the tips listed above, you will soon find that your strength,speed, and agility are improving. An effective strength training routine will have you well on the way to achieving your athletic goals.

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