Since the beginning of pandemic, from tissue box to furniture, we order everything on the internet, including medicines. Internet pharmacies offer a wide range, and your order will be delivered to your home within one or two days.

It couldn't be easier but the government continues to warn you to pay close attention when buying medication online.
Especially to counter the sale of fake drugs, a new regulation will come into force in the European Union on 9 February 2019. From now on, every medicine box must be sealed and provided with a unique code. But not only the government guards against - sometimes life-threatening - scams, you can also avoid the risk of fake when you buy medicines online.

What are bogus drugs and why are they dangerous?
Fake drugs are made by untrustworthy companies that don't adhere to standard quality procedures. There may be too much or too little active ingredient in the medication, so that you run the risk of an under or overdose. Real medicines are checked for compliance with the European standard, which prescribes that the amount of active substance may deviate by a maximum of 5% from the dose stated on the packaging.

There is no such control with fake drugs. Sometimes fake medicines contain no active substance at all, or even harmful substances. For example, a cheaper active ingredient might be used which can have unwanted side effects.

Which drugs have the greatest risk of fake?
Especially hair growth aids, erection pills, sedatives, strong painkillers and slimming pills are often bought on the internet. The supply of uncontrolled drugs is therefore considerable for these drugs.

What to check?
A reliable online pharmacy from where you can buy medicines online will provide at least the following information about each drug on the website:

  • The name of the product.
  • Name of the active ingredient.
  • Names of other ingredients that may cause problems in some people, such as a hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Explanation for what the product is for.
  • Warnings when the medicine should not be used, such as during pregnancy, breast-feeding, allergy, in certain conditions, when using other medicines.
  • Explanation of how the medicine should be used.
  • All possible side effects.
  • Name and location of the manufacturer.
  • The date on which this information about the medicine was last updated.

The advantages, not the disadvantages
Buying medicines and other health products online through NZ online chemist certainly has advantages. The convenience, the wide range, and in a number of cases also the price. When you shop at an officially recognized online pharmacy, you do not run the risk of fake. It is especially useful for resources that you know and use regularly. You can also seek advice from a qualified pharmacist at a reliable online pharmacy.

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Misty Jhones