Sunshine is among the best online preschool providers in India, ensuring children get high-quality, safe, secure, and well-structured learning environments. It is among the most effective learning mediums for preschoolers to learn and improve their early schooling skills. Sunshine offers an exciting, age-appropriate online preschool program that is designed to ensure your child has the best possible start in life.

Their curriculum includes interactive class sessions including songs, stories, poems, etc. It is created to support children as they develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. It is scientifically designed by experts and teachers who are passionate about early childhood development. Their program is created to help young children develop key skills in literature, math, emotional intelligence, and social and physical development.

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Amit Prasad is SatNav Group's visionary Founder & Managing Director who conceptualized the Preschool & Daycare model way back in 2005. He splits his time between his ventures, at Sunshine his focus is on Strategy. Amit loves to travel to new places, play golf and read Biographies.